A guide to solo travel for women


Women’s solo travel is a liberating experience in many dimensions. Without a doubt, I believe that a woman’s place is anywhere she wishes to be. While the fight for a future where everyone has equal rights is progressing, traveling alone remains a rebellious act. Solo travel among women is growing appeal all across the world, whether it’s to demonstrate their independence or simply to enjoy traveling on their own terms.

Over the last several decades, the tourism industry has grown significantly, and there are now more destinations to visit than ever before. Unfortunately, even at this time, traveling to all regions of the world is not fully secure for women. On the brightside, there are a number of nations where women may travel safely, here are 7 destinations you could start your traveling journey with!

  1. Finland 

Finland is a must-see destination for all tourists, since it is home to the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Sustainable travelers wishing to make a conscious move toward green travel will find the Scandinavian nation to be an excellent choice. Finland is often regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, making it an easy choice for female travelers.

  1. Canada

The landscape of Canada is diversified, with centuries-old forests, snow-capped mountains, rural regions, and lakes. Its untamed environment is breathtakingly invigorating, and it is a genuine refuge for lone female travelers searching for a change of pace. The cities differ sharply, each with its own special charm and cosmopolitan character. 

  1. Japan

Japan combines millennia-old traditions with cutting-edge technology. There is no better country on earth for travelers who enjoy a combination of history and contemporary than Japan. Make sure to include Tokyo, which is usually considered as the world’s cleanest and most well-organized metropolis. There’s also Osaka, a fascinating city with a diverse assortment of attractions, including Universal Studios and the Harukas Observatory. 

  1. Thailand 

Thailand is often recognized as one of the best destinations for solo travelers. With tourism accounting for 20% of GDP, minimal levels of harassment and assault, high levels of safety, and highly nice natives, it is a very tourist-friendly country. It’s also one of the most appealing backpacking places in the world, making it an excellent pick for a female on a budget!

  1. French Polynesia 

French Polynesia is made up of 118 islands that spans up to 6,400 square kilometers. It’s one of the Pacific’s most popular tourism spots. The most popular islands are Tahiti and Bora Bora, which are both pricey but great for anyone searching for a genuinely memorable first solo trip. Due to its abundant marine life, the area offers some of the most stunning diving in the world.

  1. Spain

Spain is one of the top destinations for first-time travelers. It is simple to navigate, has a world-class tourist infrastructure, and has routinely been featured as the world’s second most visited nation. You’ll almost certainly meet a lot of other single travelers, both men and women, and what better way to make friends while traveling solo?!

  1. The Galapagos Islands 

The Galapagos Islands are one of the few remaining “off the beaten path” destinations on the planet, making it a great location for female solo travelers looking for something really unique and natural. The Islands are one of the few remaining “off the beaten path” destinations on the planet, making it a great location for travelers looking for something really unique and natural. It’s considered one of the world’s best destinations for wildlife-viewing.


  • Rest well the first night as this ensures you are feeling fresh for the first day of your trip since that determines how the rest of your trip progresses.
  • Be careful about sharing your trip information, Not everyone you meet on your trip will have the best intentions, so try not to overshare.
  • Take only what is necessary. Having bulky luggage or excessive luggage is a hassle to take car of and is less liberating. 
  • Sort out your tech requirements beforehand. Make sure you have the right adaptors, sim cards, chargers, and other essentials before leaving.
  • Keep your documents safe. Losing your identification and other documents can derail your entire trip. Ensure they are well-protected and keep copies just incase of an emergency.
  • Write in a Journal! It’ll help you relive your travel memories.
  • Communicate with locals and other travellers. Its always great to make new acquaintances on a trip.
  • Aim for a well-trafficked street when booking a hotel. 
  • On sidewalks, keep your handbag and other valuables away from the street side.
  • Be Adventurous, But be Prepared!

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