A solo’s plan for the celebration of duos

Solos plan

Personally, I love spending Valentine’s Day in solitary rather than in a relationship because you can literally do whatever you want. You can go wild as you wish or literally do nothing and feel no pressure about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single through the month of love and no one needs to feel the pressure to find a date just for Valentine’s Day. You can do literally anything and celebrate, well, You! Here are some ways you can plan out a day and get started with a solo’s plan for the celebration of duos.

1. Take a Fun Class
Over the years I’ve seen many workshops take place in February that are absolutely refreshing. For starters, I’ve always wanted to take up candle making classes. It’s very therapeutic and relaxing for those that love to spend time learning something new. I’d also heavily invest in soap-making and pottery workshops just because it is absolutely self-intimate and just a fun activity to engage in.

2. Host a Party for your Fellow Singles

We are definitely not the only singles on lover’s day. There are bound to be so many more singles, looking forward to engaging with people like themselves. One could host a party for the single pringles, with fruit punches, candy pinatas, throwing darts on printed faces of their exes, or it could be something personal with your closest friends with everyone bringing their own type of food boards, such as charcuterie board, dessert board, Indian chat board, and many more. I truly believe that a single party beats any other party out there!

3. Retail Therapy
Shopping is a personal healing for many and we each have our own type of shopping. My mother loves grazing through the pretty aisles of Daiso, looking at the many space-saving furniture, candles, and utensils. On the other hand, I simply adore the stationary section, looking for new pens, cute notebooks, and I also love walking through a bookstore, resisting the tempting urge to buy at least ten books. I’ve seen my friends find solace in stores like Bath & Body Works during sales, with all the wafting fragrances, body washes, and moisturizers. These feel very connected with one’s self.

4. Go to a movie by yourself
Ideally many would look down upon this activity, but it’s a personal favorite! I love watching a movie in the theatre all by myself, especially if the theatre is pretty empty and if I’ve got plenty of space beside me. I get to watch a good movie on a vast screen with all my food and drinks and myself!

5. Netflix and Sleep
Somehow this kind of tops everything. Just staying in, waking up late, grabbing leftovers or ordering in some greasy food, rewatching a favorite movie or series, cozying up in a roll of blanket, not thinking about cleaning up or feeling pressured to do anything productive. Literally just getting off the grid for as long as you wish, to process your own thoughts, your needs, healing that inner child of yours, scarfing down a whole jar of Nutella or peanut butter. Just by typing it, I already feel all cozy!

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