Ahmed Haffar: The Man with A Golden Voice

Ahmed Haffar

He’s known for his voice, music and work for leading telecom companies. And you’ve also heard him make announcements for popular airlines in the UAE. Having loved the art of sound and music ever since he was little, Ahmed Haffar is not only a man graced with a golden voice, but also a man who is a go-getter when it comes to opportunities and self-development. Not allowing the fear of failure to deter him from growing as an artist, Ahmed is now a proud owner of Mind loop Studios, an award-winning voice-over and audio-production studio in Dubai, while simultaneously working on opening a training centre, the first of its kind in the region.

How did the art of Voice-over acting find you?
Ahmed: Voice over and Voice acting are different, but have a similar approach for the brands. It found me because of Mindloop studios, which I had taken over from a previous owner. Once I understood how the company functions, I realized I had taken my time and ensured everything I needed to develop my skills. I decided to do some demos and gradually my voice started getting chosen. That surprised me but it also gave me the idea of an opportunity and then from there on as they say…the rest is history.

When did you realize that you had the capacity to create a ripple effect through your voice?
Ahmed: When I knew that I could control the demand. Multiple companies would ask for variations in the deliveries and I started teaching myself on how to master that.

Usually there are times where most people don’t understand what Voice-over acting is. Did you find yourself in a moment like that where you had to explain what it is that you do?
Ahmed: Every single day. I have to explain to people who I am and what I do. And sometimes I am referenced by myself.

You mentioned that you own a Creative Media Training Centre ‘On the Field’. What was your vision behind it?
Ahmed: On the Field is a creative media training centre, catered to training one on one custom made programs that are experienced based. On the Field is soft launching at the end of the year with audio and voice programs including audio post production, music composition for ads and voice over program (full comprehensive) and a voice acting program which is also fully comprehensive. My vision was a one-on-one tailor-made custom program that is experience based. The field aims to be the bridge between creative individuals and how to enter the market. On the field is not like an internship, it is an internship.
That’s what I’m building.

Apart from being a well-known voice artist, you are also a sonic branding specialist and music composer, having been involved in numerous well-known projects. Can you explain where you get your inspirations from in creating the ideal tune?
Ahmed: Yes, I am known for my sonic branding work as music or sounds that immediately builds a connection between you and most of the brands that you hear about, without really knowing I’m behind it. My inspiration comes from everything and everywhere depending on the brand. And sometimes, I’m just awestruck.
One of the most known sonic branding pieces of mine was actually composed by my mom after she made fun of me and sarcastically hummed a melody. It eventually ended up being one of the most known sonics in the country.

Can you explain to us what your creative process is like when making music?
Ahmed: That’s pretty easy. I make sure that I have a nice cup of tea with me and I put my phone as far away from me as possible. This further entails me to focus only on the rhythm of the music that is relevant to the project. And I just do my best.

What were some of the obstacles you faced when you first ventured into the entertainment field?
Ahmed: Too many people who didn’t have a compass or an idea… not knowing what they wanted. I just decided to do my own thing, which was to trust myself in creating the best fitting voice and identity.

What is one inspirational quote that describes you the best?
Ahmed: “The best musicians or sound artists are people who never consider themselves to be artists or musicians.” -Aphex Twin

Last but not the least, what advice would you like to share, especially for the youth who have aspirations to make a name for themselves in the entertainment field?
Ahmed: Try your best. Not the “four hours” a day best or “I’m going to do it tomorrow” best, but rather “I’m going to get this done right now” best. Remember that the media field is constantly evolving and changing. You better adapt and make sure to adapt to it 100 percent.

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