Amal Sleiman’s CAEL Awards: The 10th Edition Sustainability

Identifying, discovering, promoting and celebrating excellence and innovation, is a path for a chosen few. These are the people that give meaning to what already exists. Their service to society can be compared to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”. It is a triumphant bringing forth from the void of pattern, more beautiful patterns with every instrument and disciplined voices, playing their unique parts. Great leaders are thus… typical experts in their fields with a strong performance history and an intrinsic ability of being in charge. 

While leading effectively is one thing, recognizing and honouring new and versatile talent is a completely unique endeavour. In short, great leaders often implement their knowledge in empowering new leaders. So, what do you call someone that triumphs in bringing forth varying pioneers from different walks of life? Well, we choose to call her Amal Sleiman, the president of CAEL Awards. 

A patron that prides in being inclusive, authentic and versatile, Amal’s journey is a testament for her passion to promote various outstanding organizations and personas within the region. In this sense, Amal Sleiman does what is meaningful, not what is expedient. 


For seven consecutive years, CAEL have been commending outstanding contributions to excellence and leadership in various fields and sectors including education, philanthropy, wellness, tourism, hospitality, real estate, diplomacy and art among many others. Following their 3rd successful and highly publicized event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai in December 2021, the team is pleased to announce, yet another promising evening glorifying the changemakers.  

The event will comprise of a VVIP reception and pre-function, followed by dinner and the awards ceremony where top officials, diplomats, entrepreneurs and celebrities among others would be commended and awarded in person on stage. The ceremony will include entertainment sessions performed by leading regional and international celebrities, in collaboration with Dubai Tourism Department. 

The CAEL committee has dedicated a new special category for this year’s event; Environmental Sustainability. The entire event will be covered by several regional and global media outlets led by MBC. The event will also be covered on all major social media platforms. The Awards Ceremony will be preceded by a press conference to launch the event, followed by interviews prior to, during, and after the event with key individuals involved in the organisation of the ceremony. 

The CAEL Awards Ceremony Dubai 2022/2023 will be held in The Ritz Carlton, DIFC on Jan 11th in collaboration with the Rashid Centre for the People of Determination, and the Balsamat Community Group.

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