A French artist Henri Matisse once quoted “An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success.”

Landscapes of the Mind

An artwork will never be a masterpiece if it has been thought about beforehand. We view Amato’s world a little differently than others. Odd, eccentric, strange, out of the box and couture. He read avidly about all aspects of the universe where he took us from his own wonderland where he has proven that artists have more neural matter that supports fine motor skills and procedural memory.

All his shows were ambitious and state of the art, magical show that showcased  overwhelming collections.Amato made fabric sizzle on the body. Not for her a meditation on the new-old world.

There’s an interesting aspect of erotic cruelty in Amato’s clothes, one associated with horror films and made explicit with the black and deep red tones, the dresses channeled into wonderfully weird tubular patterns.

According to Furne Amato, his collections aren’t for the faint hearted woman, but one who is comfortable in her skin; her ensembles are but a foil to reflect her inner persona.”

Every whole show captured everyone’s attention. His style combines an insouciant eloquence that harks to a bygone era of opulence, decadence, bolting to couture.

Who would ever forget the time when he won  MEGA Magazine’s Young Designer of the Philippines Award in 1994 and was an intern at Josie Natorie’s atelier. Amato believes that values like higher craftsmanship, superior quality, sustainability and authenticity will play a big role. His frivolous pleasure was to transgress boundaries of mainstream taste and provoke with flamboyant hedonism.

In December 18,2021 Amato closed Fashion Week inside the IMG Worlds of Adventure, an indoor amusement park in the United Arab Emirates with a collection consisting of 50 pieces, presented by 50 models, tribute to UAE’s 50th anniversary. His clothes were so different in so many ways, are alike not only in their power to shift fashion but to move people, emotionally. It is above all a celebration of the no-holds-barred creativity and imagination that arises from the adversity.

Nothing can stand in the way of this kind of creativity.

The human desire for beauty and seduction is a powerful instinct in gold.The freedom of self-expression and breaking down preordained conformist ideas of masculinity and femininity.

It was bewitching. It was desirable and has the power to express codes of belonging. Not easy to decode but you have to dig deeper to understand his underworld muse on fire, the sacramental chants while paying tribute to the sun as we became excited and we are aware that his transition came as a result of a well-thought and long-orchestrated resurrection of his style. The show has to speak without words. The models are the silent heroines that bring the drama to life in what we call AMATO COUTURE.

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