Because They Are Here to Stay

They are not going anywhere and they are definitely not backing out. When life had to throw varieties of curveballs in their direction, they were more than just determined to brave the storm. When they were told that their talent wouldn’t take them anywhere, that one single sentence alone made them even more focused to prove them wrong, making it abundantly clear for them to be watched. After listening to their story, MJ & M.s reminded me of Christina Aguilera’s song “Fighter”, combined with Wiz Khalifa’s and 2Chainz’s “One Shot”. MJ & M.s don’t fear anything other than never trying.
Here is the inspiring journey of MJ & M.s – the brothers who are here to stay.

What drove you to pursue a career in entertainment? How did it all begin?
MJ & M.s: We started singing in 2011 and when 2020 hit, we didn’t feel like stopping as we wanted to introduce something new. We wanted to create new songs that the youth of the current generation would like as we see teenagers as audiences that wouldn’t fade away. We view them to be loyal.

What were some of the initial struggles the two of you had faced when you were just starting out? Did you ever find yourselves in situations where you felt like giving up? What kept the two of you going?
MJ & M.s: Some of the challenges we faced were the people closest to us. We found ourselves being discouraged when it came to pursuing our passions and we were also advised to follow the traditional norms of songs that society would enjoy. We are all about embracing the idea of being personas who are unique and creating songs that speak to us personally and hopefully it shows in our work. Of course, everybody has their differences in terms of liking or disliking things. But that doesn’t mean we stop doing what we love.

Can you tell us what you felt when you first received the opportunity to perform in front of a massive crowd? How did it make you both feel? What was going through your head at that time?
MJ & M.s: Whether it’s a private, a gala or us being in an arena where the crowd goes wild…the feeling we both feel is always the same. We feel strongly committed to keep the momentum going, ensuring the crowd stays engaged throughout our performance. That is our responsibility, to keep the audience engaged. We don’t feel pressurized one bit.

Usually when people think about DJs or pursuing a career in the entertainment business, they often have this distorted perception that professions such as these won’t get you anywhere. In your own words, what are some of the elements in this profession you would you like people to know about? What makes it unique?
MJ & M.s: Society will always find different ways to criticize your choices. Whether you are a DJ, a writer or anything that you’ve chosen to pursue you will often come across people who will be there to bring you down. But the best way to overcome this would be to prove them wrong and show them you have what it takes to be who you aspire to be.

With social media platforms and streaming apps such as Spotify, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, they serve as opportunities for talents in different creative fields to get their shots in being discovered. Do you believe that social media has impacted the entertainment business in a positive or negative light? Why or why not?
MJ&M.s: Music platforms play a huge role in introducing new talent. However, if the person is using their talent for the wrong reasons, things are bound to get challenging. A lot of people often use social media platforms to get instant likes, comments and they have this mentality that if they post something they will become famous overnight. That’s not how it functions. It is crucial to enhance and develop your art, share your talent because you are not only passionate but it is an art you enjoy. The growth of your fanbase will take place organically. One should be dedicated, put in extra efforts and be authentic to themselves as well as their online presence.

Are there any pieces that you’ve composed in particular that you personally like? What can you tell us about it?
MJ & M.s: It is difficult to choose just one song because all the songs we’ve created are our favourites. However, if we have to choose just one, it would be the first song we’ve released, which is ‘Wanasa.’ This is the best one in our opinion as it became a massive hit in 2020.

What advice would you like to share with the younger generation who’d love to make a name for themselves in the entertainment business?
MJ & M.s: Be true to yourself, listen to your gut and never stop developing your talent. Always remember that mistakes are ok if you really learn from them and think of it as a learning experience.

Congratulations on your latest hit ‘Summer’. Tell us what about it?
MJ & M.s: We have been preparing for this song for quite some time and the fun fact is that we recorded it over two months ago and we were waiting for the right time to release it. It is light, groovy and fun.

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