Beyond the buzzword: Dulsco fulfills sustainability promise at Expo 2020 Dubai


Dulsco, an integrated solutions provider and the official waste management partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, is all set to deliver the most sustainable Expo ever by diverting 85% of the waste away from landfill using different bespoke treatment and solutions.

The Victor Magazine had the opportunity to speak to its CEO and Managing Director, David Stockton to talk about the company’s plans for today and tomorrow at the Expo and Beyond. Stockton has been responsible for leading the company towards strong growth and new opportunities and this is evident across all the programs for people and planet that Dulsco has been championing.

What is Dulsco? What is the company’s mission and vision for the UAE and the rest of the world?
Dulsco is one of the leading integrated solutions providers in the Middle East, which offers a wide variety of solutions and services that include outsourcing, people and environmental solutions. It provides solutions to over 2,500 organisations in the region.

At Dulsco, our mission is to offer solutions that enable communities to perform at their best to live and operate sustainably & create better outcomes for all. We see ourselves as an engine creating communities that flourish and prosper. Although we are based in the UAE, we have an impact on hundreds of thousands of people, businesses, industries, and communities all over the world.

What services do you provide under the brand Dulsco?
Dulsco is a recognized innovator in offering solutions that improve efficiency and productivity.

People Solutions
Dulsco’s leading manpower supply, training and management services assist in building and maintaining better operations throughout the region by offering businesses and organizations high-quality manpower in many sectors including aviation, Sea ports, manufacturing and retail.

Environmental Solutions
Sustainability is at the core of our waste management through the 4 R’s
Dulsco is a staunch supporter of UAE’s sustainable and circular economy strategy. We support these initiatives by providing innovative and custom-designed industrial, commercial and community waste collection solutions.

Photo by: Dawn Julius Bleza

Providing specialized solutions to various industries through our facilities: Paper Pulp Moulding Plant, Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Plant, Material Recovery Facility, and Oil Re-Refinery Plant. We also have partnered with various SMEs and organizations to provide recycling solutions for numerous other materials.
Our workshop & fabrication facility is the production powerhouse behind our ‘The New Old & Reloved’ retail concept for innovative home furniture and décor.

Outsourcing and Permanent Placement Solutions
Our experienced recruiters evaluate how to place and manage white-collar’’ staff, either as manpower outsourced or to be placed on a permanent basis.

What new facilities and initiatives does Dulsco plan to introduce during the event?
As the official Waste Management Partner for Expo 2020 Dubai, we have the privilege of helping promote the sustainability theme and seek to divert 85 percent of the waste away from landfill to be reused, recycled or treated with a variety of bespoke solutions.
Dulsco is committed to supporting Expo 2020 in its mission to be an event that is among the most sustainable World Expos. At the same time, it is expected that both Expo 2020 and the visitors will benefit from solutions and activations promoting waste education, segregation and recycling.

Are there any opportunities for Dulsco that you foresee by associating with Expo 2020?
Being associated with a mega event creates a positive influence on our company. In addition, we have the unique opportunity to change the narrative about waste and showcase our solutions that have both tangible and non-tangible impact on the operations of Expo2020 and promote sustainable living to all visitors.

‘Go Green’ is the new mantra – how important is waste management in today’s age?
All solutions offered by Dulsco are based on the “Go Green” slogan. We are working behind the scenes to be aligned with the UAE vision and make the UAE community ‘clean and green’.
The World Bank estimates that people around the globe generate 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste each year, with at least 33 per cent of this not being handled in a sustainable manner. These are alarming figures, and the UAE is keen on driving the sustainability message and Dulsco plays its part.

How does the ‘The New Old and Reloved’ initiative help in promoting sustainability?
The Emirati brand established a concept wherein a by-product of recycling meets innovation, giving waste a new lifecycle. Purchasing one of these products means you are one step closer to saving the environment, diverting waste away from landfill, encouraging sustainability and contributing to circular economy.

What does the ‘Hey Birdy Campaign’ say about Dulsco as a brand?
The idea was to create a friendly and fun character that both children and adults could relate too and that could help communicate environmental messages to the wider public.
Choosing a bird seemed like the perfect fit as, from an environmental perspective, birds have great ecological value as they provide insect and rodent control, plant pollination, and seed dispersal, amongst others. So, Birdy will be our recycling assistant and the icon of our waste management solutions campaign.

Birdy will feature in an interactive game at our stand at Expo 2020 Dubai. We believe that it will engage visitors and that it will educate students in particular about the 4Rs.

What habits would you encourage people to inculcate towards becoming eco-friendly?
Sustainable living is based on many pillars, two of which are minimizing waste and limiting the use of Earth’s natural resources. These go hand in hand as reducing waste and recycling helps conserve natural resources.

Of course, ecosystem restoration and reforestation are also vital as it helps conserve biodiversity, and the more biodiverse an ecosystem is, the more resilient it is.

Ultimately, we should aim to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible. We should not fulfil our current needs by compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

What message would you like to give to youngsters for them to maintain a sustainable environment for future generations?
You have one planet, and you only have one chance to ensure you preserve it. The future belongs to you, so make sure that your actions today are kind to Mother Earth so that you can grow up in a healthy, green, and biodiverse environment

Photo by: Dawn Julius Bleza

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