When we talk about the term “colors” we immediately think of a pretty picture, or painted walls or rather what color car should I get? What color nails should I paint? But we don’t realize how color itself is such an important aspect of our lives. Imagine seeing the world as black & white? What effect does one think that would have on our mood? Our motivation? We would always have a bland reaction to almost everything. 

Majority perceive colors as just an aesthetic function in our day-to-day lives, but in reality it’s so much more. Love, calmness, happiness, courage all come through when you imagine or visualize a particular color. The blue skies, a warm yellow spring, a red rose. What if these never had a color, how would you feel that calmness when you look up at the sky? Or feel that joy and energy on a bright sunny day? As such, colors are used to symbolize various things, for example cultures, religion, countries, moods and so on. 
In the light of Valentines, I will be exploring the few different colors that represent the concept of love around the world.

(Photo by Pam Sharpe on Unsplash – Mother and Daughter)

Red & Pink

When we think of love, many people perceive the color that represents it universally is red. In fact, the majority of the countries share the same opinion and thoughts about this reality, especially the western countries such as the US and UK. Red is taken as the color of love, passion and seduction because it is the color of blood. However, as it represents the passion of life, it is also associated with aggression and danger. Other eastern countries, like China and India, take it as it represents love, luck and fertility. Many of these countries in Asia, due to its auspicious note, take it for celebratory occasions. Even during ancient times, to date, the Hebrews and Greeks have taken red as the symbol of love and sacrifice. Red & Pink both fall together, red is a more bolder, compassionate love whereas pink represents young love. 





(Photo by Philippe Gauthier on Unsplash – Orange tree)


Similarly, another color that symbolizes love is orange. Especially, in Eastern countries such as China orange is taken as the color of love and courage, when they use orange colored red packets for their Chinese New year because of its similar positive associations with red. Other times, many cultures take orange close to the emotions of red which is why they fall under the same category. Orange trees in some places are said to be a symbol of love. 








Blue is a strong representation of love in India. It symbolizes heavens, love, truth and mercy. Most importantly, it is associated with the Hinduism religion where blue represents Krishna, the Hindu God who embodies love and joy. Hence, blue is more of a sacred color to the majority of the Indian’s. Many times, you will also notice Indian brides dressed in blue because of its auspiciousness. 


(Photo by Apex 360 on Unsplash – growth in relationships & yourself)


The color green is always associated mainly with growth and renewal. However, in many cultures it is also synonymous with love because of its desire for understanding and acceptance between people and to see the potential value and goodness of each person. Especially in the Middle East, green is the color of Islam so it symbolizes luck, love and fertility. 

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