Fame and celebrities are volatile. 


Being a celebrity and becoming a designer is one thing, and being a designer and becoming famous is another. Celebrities often think of themselves as “we can do it all”, but there are some things they actually can’t. 


You must have noticed, every other celebrity person that loves fashion wants to design, and eventually kick off because after all, they’re famous and the audience loves what their role models do. Celebrities like Asap Rocky and the Olsen Twins are some examples who without a background in fashion and just “love” what they see and start off a clothing line, reach magazines and become famous. Although, emerging designers and some celebrities who actually have an educational history in designing are put in a tough spot. 


I don’t want to sound patronizing by bashing them, but I haven’t personally seen anything innovative about their sense in fashion whereas I know there is a huge scope for talents in the industry who are being thrown off before they even make a name. 


I have personally hand-picked some of the best talents I have seen, but are not yet given the chance to have that fame. 


  • Maison Cleo

Founded by a french mother-daughter duo, they use reclaimed fabrics for their relaxed and vintage-inspired designs. They produce limited-pieces, and are extremely transparent with their pricing mentioning the fabric costs and time spent to create these products.

Photo by: Getty Images


  • First Rite

Founded in 2015, FirstRite was launched by a designer called Nikki Garcia, creating simplicity and minimalistic designs made using natural materials, fibers like organic cottons, linen and alpaca.

Photo by: Getty Images

  • Supra Molecule Lab

Digital couture brand, pioneering the future of fashion, founded by Mengze in 2021. They explore future possibilities of clothing culture through digital technology. Imagination – will be the only limit to fashion creativity in the future. They are eager to optimize the fashion industry system through a complete sustainable digital way, reducing excessive production and use of physical clothing. 

Photo by: The Vanilla Issue

  • Claire Barreau

Claire Barreau, an emerging designer in Paris, has collections that are more biographical and deals with body diversity and gender respectively. 

Photo by: Runway – Guillame Roujas

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