Dating in Dubai Tip # 2


Spooky season is upon us and things are getting scary on the dating scene…BOO! Let’s put those creepy crawlers to bed and speak on the daunting dating demons: 


We all know the term, but let’s clearly define it. Ghost-ing is when a companion has completely stopped responding to messages or calls without any fair warning. There was no closure or explanation sent from the ghoster and it feels as if the cut-off comes out of nowhere and this person is now dead to you. 


This ghoul is of the kind that has ghosted you in the past and comes back from the dead…you give them another chance, but it only leads to them ghosting you again! A way to avoid this zombie is to NEVER get back with a ghost. Instead, ghost the ghoster. I always recommend blocking someone who has ghosted so the door is closed to any zombies.


This is the species of monsters that only contacts you past midnight. They are nowhere to be found in the light of day and gives you a shout in the wee hours of the night, usually in the form of a ‘u up?’ text. DON’T ANSWER, respond, or meet up with this partner. Don’t reward poor behavior.


This creature is the laziest of them all and probably the most annoying. Mummies lay around and watch you from afar. Maybe you matched, messaged a bit or are still messaging. Maybe you went on a date or never even made it on a date. But they are always watching every story on social media and lurking in the background without any intention to start or continue a relationship. Block them.


This character is the scariest of them all. Just when you thought you had gotten rid of an ex or a former lover from all forms of communication: blocked on WhatsApp, insta, emails, calls…Ah! Their dating app profile pops up again mid-swipe. Nothing scarier than seeing a blast from the past. It’s up to you to swipe left or right…

Stay safe out there in this scary dating-verse and follow @christiana.maxion.matchmaker for more dating solutions and LOLs.

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