Diving For Pearls: A Palpable Love


I can’t even tell you how many times I started writing this article only to start over! I kept trying to write this feel-good piece in time for Valentine’s Day about how the colour of love is obviously red because it’s the colour of passion; but I just couldn’t do it!  That’s not to say I don’t believe love isn’t beautiful; because it is! It’s absolutely wonderful and there is no feeling like it! We spend our lives chasing that elusive love, but is it really that one dimensional that we can only express it through one colour? I think not! 

Hollywood and Disney may disagree with me and try to constantly sell us this idealistic picture of love that we should be aspiring to; but that’s nothing more than a fairytale. And let’s face it, do you really want a love that’s one dimensional and as exciting as riding a Merry-Go-Round? I’d argue that you wouldn’t. Whether it’s only for a moment or for a lifetime, I want a love that’s palpable.  True love is so much more than just passion, it’s more than just the colour red. What makes love so beautiful and multi-dimensional is that it’s made up of a rainbow of colours. 

Love is as soothing and calm as the colour blue. You feel like you’re floating on air and being hugged by fluffy clouds of endless possibilities. 

Love is as kind and nurturing as the colour pink. You feel you always have a shoulder to lean on, a confidant, a best friend. 

Love is as playful and joyful as the colour yellow. You feel free to explore your inner child, and be carefree. 

Love is as warm and cozy as the colour orange. You wrap yourself up in its safe embrace and call it home.

Love is as nurturing and fresh as the colour green. You feel yourself pushing your boundaries, challenging yourself – you feel yourself grow. 

Love is as pure as the colour white. You feel yourself stripped bare and vulnerable to your core.

Love is as deep and spiritual as the colour purple. You feel so connected that even your soul feels seen and heard. 

And sometimes love is as mysterious and painful as the colour black. Your feelings of sadness and anguish are so intense that it feels like your heart is being ripping out, chewed up and spat out without a care.

True love isn’t just about Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t always come up roses, but it will make you feel things you’ve never felt before. And it will push you to grow in ways you never imagined possible. Find the courage to be vulnerable and to be open to all that love has to offer, because love truly is beautiful; even when it hurts. 

As Shakespeare famously wrote,
“It’s better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all”. 

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