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Once upon a time I  really disliked the colour pink! But there is a story behind that. It was my first day at creche and I  wasn’t happy to find out that it wasn’t at the same place, that my big brother was going to school. So, like any young child who didn’t get their way, I began to throw a tantrum and cry; and wouldn’t stop no matter how hard the teacher tried. 

Her solution (a horrendous one might I  add) was to place me in the bathroom and let me cry there till my heart’s content. I can’t remember how long I was left in there or how long I continued to be defiant, but one thing I remember as if it was yesterday, was the fact that everything in the bathroom was PINK. The tiles were pink, the toilet was pink, the sink was pink, the bathtub was pink, even the towels and toilet paper were pink. So needless to say, I acquired a real distaste for the colour pink as I always associated it with this memory.

Fast-forward to today, and the colour pink now evokes a very different emotion within me. Forget the fact that it has traditionally been branded a ‘girls colour’ , I now appreciate the essence of what this colour represents. According to colour psychology, the colour pink is thought to be a calming colour associated with love, kindness, compassion, romance and femininity.

Today the colour pink represents self-love and self-care to me, and the importance of practising both in my everyday life.  This isn’t about being arrogant, or selfish or going off to a spa every weekend (mind you, there are times where a spa day is exactly the type of self-care I need). What it means, is to really take the time to know myself and what I need mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Ultimately it means doing the ‘work’ to be the version of myself that makes me feel fulfilled and totally at peace with myself.

Whether it is making sure that I am doing the work that I enjoy, nurturing my health, spending time with the people who feed my soul rather than take from it, speaking to myself with a sage voice rather than a saboteur voice, healing and growing from childhood trauma’s (yes, we all have them), walking away from situations that don’t serve me,  or simply giving myself the gifts that make me smile. I am now all about thinking pink and I have to say life has never been more beautiful and in flow. 

So this month, I urge you all to spend some time to ‘think pink’ and see what comes up for you!

And for all you lovely ladies out there, show yourselves some self-care and get down to your local
GP and have your annual breast screening done. 


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