Fall into a Soulful Experience at the Dolder Grand in Zürich

Autumn has a warm charm that fascinates everyone as the trees shed their beautiful mellow green dress and wear golden covers mixed with dark red and orange, while the sound of breezes rises as they caress the branches of the trees. If you missed the opportunity to travel during the summer, set out to Zürich and appreciate the cooler temperatures and the calm autumn atmosphere while staying in a celebrity-favourite destination and one of Zürich’s landmarks, the Dolder Grand Hotel.

September marks the entry of the autumn season with warm and fresh weather that makes the perfect temperature for outdoor activities, from hikes to extended walks in the forest or strolling around Lake Zürich in the city downtown. Blessed with a premium location atop a hill on the edge of Adlisberg mountain overlooking Lake Zürich and a few minutes away from the city centre, the Dolder Grand combines all factors of an ideal luxury Swiss vacation complemented with outstanding hospitality.

Dolder Forest

Adlisberg mountain is a wooded elevation located east of the city of Zürich, between the Glatt river valley and Lake Zürich. At the same time, the upper part of Hottingen is called Dolder and is a residential quarter of Zürich close to many small hamlets such as Tobelhof, Gockhausen and Geeren. The elevated location of the forest opens an entirely different view of Zürich straddling the Limmat river, making it the perfect place for pondering and meditation. A Nordic walking tour could be the best way to explore the invigorating natural surroundings of the Dolder Grand, just as jogging through many marked trails in the forest could be excellent for an intense workout.


The Dolder Grand offers guests complimentary e-bikes and mountain bikes to discover the nature around the hotel and make the most of the beautiful season and refreshing weather. The multilingual concierge team is always ready with several suggestions for possible routes. Exciting options are available to all levels and ages; Lake Zürich is an excellent pick for everyone with its stunning views and countless places to stop and rest. Many other advanced choices are available for athletes, sightseers and explorers. Käferberg is a breathtaking 35-minute scenic bike tour towards the Käferberg that offers 180-degree views of Zürich and ends with a drink at the restaurant “Die Waid”. At the same time, visitors can take a tour of Greifensee through the whale-shaped lake and discover the wide variety of native flora and fauna.

With complimentary BMW guest cars and the hotel’s superior location, the Dolder Grand makes an ideal starting point for an unforgettable four-wheel adventure. Take a trip to the Rhine Falls basin and discover the largest waterfall in Europe, see the imposing stone outcrops up close and feel the roar of the rushing water. Or opt to RIGI Visit the “Queen of the mountains” and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Alpine peaks and 13 surrounding lakes at an altitude of 1,797 metres above sea level. Säntis, at 2,500 metres, is the highest mountain in Eastern Switzerland and can be reached in just 1.5 hours from the Dolder Grand. It is located amidst some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Europe and is a must for nature lovers.

Autumn Gastronomy

Autumn is the harvest season for the most fundamental ingredients of exclusive dishes, from the intense flavour of truffle, the king of Autumn, to the delicate scent of pumpkin and wild mushrooms.

The harmony of flavours created by two-Michelin star chef Heiko Nieder will take guests on an aromatic journey of authentic favours and fine dining at The Restaurant; with a classy and stylish atmosphere, the chef will present an array of intriguing dishes that defy traditional culinary preconceptions.

Alternately, guests can enjoy the talents of Oriental Chef de Cuisine Firas El-Borji through a spread of exotic Arabic delicacies for all Middle Eastern food lovers. Arabic flavours can be enjoyed at the Oriental Hideaway pop-up restaurant, surrounded by Arabian-inspired decorations and a dreamy ambience, until end of October. At the same time, Saltz is an all-day dining venue where the international fare is always available.

With the Dolder Grand Luxury Experience Package, guests can stay like a celebrity in one of the resort’s top suites, Terrazza or Carezza, designed with specific styles and colours that match Arab guests’ tastes and preferences.

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