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Do me a favour, open up your wardrobe and look inside. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see when I open up my wardrobe. I see clothes that span decades (wow that made me sound real old – but I digress), styles, trends, colours, silhouettes, etc…  

Some clothes you will never catch me wearing ever again, but others have become a staple in my fashion repertoire, even if they are over 10 years old, and some others have made a comeback here and there over time. And as is always the case, I keep adding to my wardrobe as new trends and styles come through on the catwalks and on the Hight Street. 

My style has never just fit into one box (surprise, surprise) and it has gone through ebbs and flows over the years depending on where I was at the time and what I may have been feeling at the time. But what I love about my fashion sense is that I’m always exploring and open to what’s out there, yet at the end of the day I choose what feels right to me.

In many ways this serves as a great analogy of how I’ve grown and developed as a person. As the saying goes, we are always changing. We aren’t the same person we were five years ago, as we are today and as we will be in five years from now.

That’s the beauty of life; you are never stuck in one place; unless you choose to be. There was a time when I use to think that as a person I had to be diligent and consistent in who I presented myself, my values and my beliefs as to the world or I would be considered fickle. How could I possibly say that I value ambition for example, but then not be ambitious ALL THE TIME? 

It was only when I truly understood that life isn’t linear, that I understood that neither is my personal growth. What’s important to me today, might not be important to me tomorrow, but it may become important to me in five years’ time; and that’s ok. That’s actually what we evolve as humans. 

We are emotional creatures on an incredible journey of discovery through this thing called life. It will be filled with ups and downs, twists and turns and maybe even a few loop-de-loops! What’s important here is to embrace self-care and have the courage to really understand what you need and who you need to be in the different stages of your life.

Growing up I walked such a tight rope of perfection, ambition and achievement, before moving onto exploration, adventure, adventure and drive. My ambition kicked back in a few years ago, and now I’m finding myself on a beautiful journey of balance, focus, knowledge, growth – and a delicious burst of drive!


Now it’s your turn to open up your personal growth wardrobe and design who you want to be from today.


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