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The third day of Women’s Arab Fashion Week – RTW – Fall Winter 2022/23 kick-off with the renowned Dubai-based French/Algerian brand Bouguessa followed by Lebanese label Aboud Jammal, Dubai-based Lebanese label Lili Blanc, French label Weinsanto presented the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (the body that coordinated Paris Fashion Week), Emirati label Pearla, and Jordanian/ British label Mada’En.

Elegance, Chic, Fierce, Flirty, Artistic and Edgy are the keywords of the Third Day. 


French/Algerian Dubai-based brand, BOUGUESSA, is a brand known for its sophisticated style, tran-seasonal, and easy-to-wear garments. The creative director of this amazing brand is Faiza Bouguessa. Her clothing is form-flattering and rich with modern style. 

Fall-Winter 2022/23 is far into the future, but the BOUGUESSA collection makes one wish it would come sooner. The long trench coats featured in this collection are plush and oversized. Structured black suits with large button closures are creatively conventional. The white 3-piece suit is a refreshing take in the traditional style that comes with an undershirt or blouse. The V-neck vest cropped narrow trousers, and mid-thigh length blazer is sporty and modern. 

In reference to the classic shirt; plenty of floor-length shirt dresses in neutral tones were seen. Pops are green, and pink is a nice touch to Fall’s low-key color pallets. The Abaya two-piece dark blue set is the definition of ready-to-wear modest fashion. BOUGUESSA showcased also menswear looks, mainly sleek which are more in-tune with the demands of now. She styles men in lighter shades of pink, and rich hunter green. The thick layered fleece under the military-style overcoat is also nice. BOUGUESSA’S ready-to-wear collection is immortal.   

Arab Fashion Council’s Curvy Ambassador Ameni Esseibi, renowned fashion photographer Moez Achour, The Confused Arab, and Faysal Dzaïr took over the runway of Bouguessa’s show tonight.


Designer Aboud Jammal is a remarkable talent who founded Aboud’s house of couture in 2016 after the launch of his many capsule collections.Aboud’s designs are sophisticated with a modern approach to art; hypnotic hallucinatory themes contribute to his iconic brand. 

His vision for Fall/Winter 2022 is striking. Movement is a consistent theme for the season, and Aboud’s tasseled monochromatic pieces are a great example of that. Tassels on blazers, trims, and busts, are alluring. There is even a piece formed from tassels, into an hombre style blouse. The chic all-white two-piece pants set is casually cool, which is what most would anticipate in ready-to-wear collections. Aboud Jammal’s collection has a beautiful versatility in formality. Every piece is appropriate for most occasions. 

The form-fitting ankle-length dresses are fun and flirty. Sheer black is enticing and was smartly styled with black or soft taupe silky blazers. Tulle-like neutral-toned dresses are styled daringly in this collection, with simply-tied fine silken fabric on the bust. Purple is another color that has been featured in many ways. Aboud’s long purple trench coat is one that is sure to be a closet staple. That wasn’t the only stunning pop of color. The orange tasseled shorts blazer set, and the two-piece accordion-style dress set also took center stage. The plum-red pieces were magnificent too and emphasized the many fine details, and textures of the fabric. Aboud Jammal’s collection has energetic vibrant colors, and an eclectic approach to Fall/Winter fashion. 


Women who crave clothing with powerful lines, and versatile silhouettes, love Lili Blanc. It’s a socially and style-conscious brand. The Lili Blanc brand does just that; quality textiles, ethical practices, and consistent satisfaction. Sabrina Mouhiedin, the creative director of Lili Blanc, is a master of inventive modern silhouettes. Black and white is a prominent color theme in her collection for Fall/Winter 2022. The overall feel of the collection is exuberant, with many 90’s inspired silhouettes. Baby-doll like dresses with sweet tie closures at the neck is delightful and chic. Less is more for this Fall collection, as noticed in the details, and construction. Minor slits and v-cuts throughout the collection denotes to minimalist direction that most fashion houses prefer for Fall. The lengths are again, very retro; knee-length bermuda shorts, and miniskirts. The traditional darts in blouses are seen, but on cropped silhouettes.  

The Lili Blanc collection for Fall-Winter 2022/23 has clean lines, and quality basic fabric; nothing but the essentials. There are a few exaggerated collars on her red-colored pieces, but aside from that; every piece was conservatively uniform.  The overall vibe of the collection is to be everlasting. Conservative fashion should be an investment in style.  



This Fashion Week 2022 is set to be stellar. The talent is phenomenal and speaking of a phenom; we have Victor Weinsanto. This 26-year-old fashion sensation has already made rave reviews in the industry. Heavy fashion legends, such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, have high regard for him. He attended Victor Weinsanto’s inaugural fashion presentation in March of 2020. His energetic vibe and fresh designs have all but wowed the hungry and eager fashion-savvy individuals of today.

His Fall/Winter 2022 collection is simply magnificent. Let’s begin with the corset two-piece. Faces transformed into hypnotic patterns were printed all over the set and in gorgeous arrays of purple hues. The same print was also on jumpsuits and various blouses in the collection. The cohesiveness of the collection is impressive. Everything was consistent with Victor’s theme. The black dresses are ‘sheer’ fantasy; literally. The transparent fabric was nicely contrasted with plush layered black shaggy fabric. Fuchsia pink is a popular color for the season. Victor’s creative overlapping gown with haphazardly buttoned details is very futuristic and bold. The quilted fabric theme was also present in this collection; transformed into pants, and outerwear. The sphere-like bag accessories gave each item it was style with a dazzling effect. 

The denim pieces with the sewn in chaps are also creative. Standout looks include the oversized black strategically bunched jacket, and the Shaggy textured fabric with voluminous effect. Victor Weinsanto’s Fall/Winter collection is diverse in style and high-end.  


The exuberance and beauty of Dubai is evident in PEARLA with the goal to create fashion that is memorable and uncommon in the industry. PEARLA was founded by the Emirati creative directors Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker, with their aesthetics of design that is deeply seated in storytelling. What they showcased at the Arab Fashion Week is lovely patterns that lift the spirit of conservative fashion. Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker’s collection is one of many that proves how creative conservative fashion is. Their Fall/Winter line is filled with luminous color, interesting designs, and adorably feminine silhouettes. The color palette for their collection is very uplifting for the season. The pieces are more so multicolored and glowing. As the models walked, one could tell how light and breathable the ready-to-wear dresses are.  

The ankle-length gowns had creative designs on the busts. Creative designs on the yolk bring personality to the wearer. The mosaic floral accents are also elevated against the light fabric tones of the garment. Tassels are also featured on key pieces like the blue vintage print double-yolk dress. Some silky pieces sported a nice tassel-trimmed scarf or rope-inspired waist tie. Gowns with creative loops enforcing the collar to the dress, and connecting the sleeves are enticing. Accents on dressed in the form of lace and tied bows stood out in the collection and were whimsical. The bird-printed ready-to-wear gown with the tasseled trimmed sleeves was also playful. Pearla’s collection for this upcoming spring is inspirational and uplifting.


Bold bright colors and asymmetrical flounced fabric details are gorgeously displayed in MADA’EN the British/ Jordanian label by the creative director Farah Bseiso. In 2016 she started Maison MADA’EN, which represents her Haute Couture and Ready-to-wear designs.

Her ultra-feminine styles, with lush layered delicate textiles, are imaginative, and enchanting. This Fall/Winter 2022, “Rare” collection is arbitrary in a fun and exciting way. Every piece in the collection is based on bodysuits. The soft cream gowns with that glowing peach hue are formal, including the cocktail dress, with its soft ruffled chiffon-tulle fabric throughout. The fitted white jumpsuit has star potential and works with the matching ruffled fluffy blacktop. Another gorgeous pop of color was the asymmetrical pantsuit in cobalt blue. The Strapless white swimsuit with its contrasting blue sarong is perfect for the poolside, and simple to accessorize. A green romper was also present and with a lustrous glow. Pieces like that are a Fall must-have. Farah Bseiso brings remarkable energy to her runway shows. It continued with her silver stricken iridescent fitted cocktail dress. Each piece presented is a seller on its own or coordinated with other looks. And the finale dress; a V-neck white bridal gown composed of a bodysuit with cascading ruffles made out of tulle fabric, was absolutely beautiful. There were no patterns or prints, just simply brilliant color and alluring silhouettes.  Farah Bseiso’s vision of Fall/Winter is dynamically rare and fun.

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