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Gifts, an interesting word, isn’t it? Riles up all sorts of emotions in a person and has a tendency to be associated with them for so many reasons, may it be an occasion or just an “I missed you” sort of idea. But we can all agree that the season of festivities makes one feel inclined to gift your loved ones, friends, employees or even acquaintances; one may say it’s a tradition and another might say that giving gifts is their love language.

Well Do you feel a slight chill in the air? Yeah, I know that’s a rare occurrence in UAE but you just know what to expect, the bright colorful terrace lights, the star hung on top of the trees, the enthusiasm in the workplace for “Secret Santa” well guess what? The season of snowflakes, gifts, mistletoes, hot chocolates, and a whole new year is here and I am sure many of us sometimes have a hard time determining the gifts we would like to give each other. No worries we are going to create a gift guide of items for all the Him’s, Her’s & Them’s you are unable to come up with a gift for.


Speculating a gift for the men in your life can tend to be a demoralizing task more or so if they haven’t explained their interests or what they would even mediocrely prefer. But the way to get around that is to not dwell upon it, the best gifts for them are usually things they need in general or will end up being part of their daily routine.

  1. Long lasting strong scented perfume, we can’t deny that men enjoy smelling decent and receiving that “you smell nice” compliment now and then so why not add to their collection by giving them a meaningful scent. And with Our favourite brand PARFUMS de MARLY with their elegant and comforting fragrances that embody warmth and a festive spirit.
  2. Grooming kit, men might not say it often but they do love their facial routines, when it comes to a clean face or a clean kept beard, they will enjoy a set of assortments from beard oil to a hand sized trimmer. With Diggin It, they provide an assortment of male grooming products that look and feel the best. With great products and assistance on how to style and groom yourself, what more could a man ask for, just get diggin’. 
  3. Comfortable oversized hoodie, may it be a graphic one or even just a simple grey color, men love their hoodies and well women love borrowing them so everyone’s a winner in my opinion and you can check out ShopStature with their amazing varieties of hoodies, sweatshirts, tees and even tote bags where they also offer a customizing service.


When it comes to gifting women, you can always have too many options or choose a specific route either tech based or a basket of fun. There are countless gifts to sort through but we are here to make that list just a bit more specific although you can never go wrong with just flowers as well.

  1. Crystal jewelry, Crystals are honestly such a loved element these days. So why not get her a handmade piece of jewelry with unique and gorgeous crystals embedded within. And with Sassi where they design and create timeless, bespoke, versatile handmade jewellery out of natural crystals and pearls elegantly styled with wires and chains and with their jewelry advent calendar with 12 piece of beautiful handcrafted jewelry from necklaces to bracelets, makes for such a unique and personal gift which she will love.
  2. Cosmetic gift basket, if she is a lover of makeup and beauty then why not a collection of cosmetics that will be added to her collection, and trust us whenever she will be applying that lipstick, she will think of you. With Sephora you can check out their holiday Vibes advent calendar which is packaged and stocked with their best surprise products.
  3. Exciting assortment of body and shower care, women love a great shower routine it’s usually the most relaxing part of their lives and the one thing they always look forward to. So why not surprise her with a box of selected assortments that will leave her relaxed, joyful and fresh especially with an exclusive Lush advent calendar where 25 selected products from shower gels to bath bombs and even retro items which wont be found anymore and all packed up in a gorgeous package and also their 12 days of christmas calendar package where an array of assortments will be available for the receiver. And also with their Snow Fairy collection which is completely in tune with the Christmas spirit.


Determining gifts for the they/them’s in your life may seem to be a hefty task, you may feel overwhelmed to stick to guidelines of not getting something too specific but we suggest going the fun route because they will be glad to receive anything with a sincere thought in it. 

  1. Custom painted items and upcycled clothing, who doesn’t love tee’s, totes and sneakers but what about an amazing custom hand painted pair of their favorite characters or a specific design, will surely get them riled up and with L-Arti on Instagram with their immaculate talent and amazing work you can get the perfect custom gift for them. And they also customize and upcycle preloved items to create a sustainable cause, while giving a chance for designers to express their artistic side.
  2. Fresh and mesmerizing scented candles, we love our dim lit candles and so does she, so why not surprise her with amazing scented candles to liven up any part of her house and with Bath and Body Works with their immense variety of scented candles and flavors you cannot go wrong
  3. Resin Accessories and home decor, who doesn’t love handmade items and since they are resin they are like 10 times cuter and so much more creative. they will live for the fact that the item stands out so much. and with Moon pixie resin you can get all your cute and kooky resin accessories and home decor made with so much creativity and they are so artistic.

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