METAMORPHOSIS: Michael Cinco’s The Impalpable Dream into Fashion Reality

Michael Cinco

The immaculate age of exploring new paradigms in fashion presentation is upon us, blessed be!

The age of exploring new paradigms in fashion presentation is upon us, reawakening and triumph of the spirit of Michael Cinco immensely talented Filipino Designer — it was like having Matisse and Picasso at the same time, blooming in Couture resulted in moments of pure magic, the designer who brought back the power of the man’s creativity, one crystallized in a single detail during Paris Fashion Week 2022 as what he dreamed and the recent Arab Fashion Week where he showcased The Impalpable Dream of GUSTAV KLIMT…

The art, the decadence, the couture flavoured colors. It’s always been driven by his couture emotions because he’s always been inspired by periods of history, tasteful tailoring, unexpected splashes of colour, exaggerated silhouettes and beautiful butterfly inspired shades and sequins. The key is evolution and change. Reflecting, evaluating then trying to go beyond couture and move forward.

Metamorphosis thought of fashion as a celebration of life and transformation, every moment is unique. Michael Cinco has always represented beautiful liberty and full house creativity. Freedom is the right to be yourself, independently of who you are and who you love and what you love.

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