Montenegro: The Pearl of the Mediterranean


Montenegro is a small western Balkan country with a very dynamic and rich history that dates back to ancient times. First known tribe on this territory were the Illyrians, then it was occupied by the Roman empire and as time passed we were influenced by many other empires such as Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empire.
Montenegro was also under Venetian influence, later on under Italian and German as well. It was part of Yugoslavia, then it was Serbia and Montenegro and finally in 2006 Montenegro gained its independence.
Such a diverse ethnical mix through history led to unique cultural development of this country. History of Montenegro is filled with amazing legends and breathtaking monuments, which remained until today and became very popular among tourists.
Montenegro is special in many ways, nature is wonderful, there are astonishing mountains, rivers, lakes, canyons and of course, there is the Adriatic Sea to round it all. The best part is that you can finish skiing, get your swimming suit and three hours later you can find yourself on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Montenegro is a suitable destination for everybody, whether they are interested in seeing architectural structure, monuments, nature, and swimming or just partying, here you can find it all.
For anyone who wants to have their vacation in Montenegro here are some of the must visit spots:
Old town Kotor
Perast Village
National Parks (Durmitor, Lovcen, Skadar Lake and Biogradska Gora)
Canyon Nevidio
Monastery Ostrog
Old town Kotor and Perast village are the most visited places in Montenegro, they are well known for their medieval looks, amazing monuments and cultural heritage.
National parks along with canyons are packed with endemic flora and fauna and attractive landscape which is a good combination if you want to relax and recharge your batteries.

Monastery Ostrog is one of the most respected orthodox sanctuaries. Many visitors have witnessed miracles happening inside of this monastery.
Montenegro offers a huge spectre of activities that are suitable for everyone. Hiking is very popular among tourists who like to be on the move and explore the wild mountains of Montenegro. For adrenaline lovers there are several options like adventure parks, bungee jumping, rafting, zip lines and paragliding. If you prefer the water activities there are many boat tours that allow you to enjoy the sea sightings. Montenegro has very tasty national cuisine so the food lovers could enjoy every bite of food and every sip of domestic vine and brandy called rakija.
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