Must-visit places for your 2023 bucket list

Every new year, we have all always made a list of places to visit either with our family and friends or make a solo trip. There are a whole bunch of seasons ahead of us and that means a whole lot of festivities in so many different places we are yet to experience. Sometimes even if we do not get to visit, the whole process of making the list with friends and looking up what time of the year would be fitting is a vibe that simply hits differently. Most of us have dreamed of going to places just because we’ve seen it on Instagram or seen a movie set in the location or heard from someone or simply find the idea of being there absolutely thrilling. Here are 5 places that have been in the list of most of the people I’ve personally known and I agree wholeheartedly.

1.  Bali, Indonesia
Bali is an incredible province in Indonesia, so full of beauty in every aspect, ranging from the ever-green forests to the cool waters of the seashores. Tourism spikes up from April to August and the seasons are more favorable during these months. Conveniently, the Indonesian Independence day falls on August 17th which is celebrated with parades and outdoor celebrations. There is so much to look forward to when planning a trip to Bali, considering people are driven to this paradise for its variety of entertainments such as hiking adventures, sacred trips to the temples, an intuitively driven spiritual journey, an immersive experience of the splendid hotel services or all of it.

2.  Spain
Let’s just say, this doesn’t need much convincing. Spain is the literal definition of fun. La tomatina festival has to be one of the biggest highlights or more the reason to visit Spain. The origin of the festival is a little interesting. In 1945, a group of boys gathered during the town festivities. In the spur of having fun, one of them fell down and got angry at the rest of them. Since he couldn’t find any suitable weapon around him other than some vegetable stall, he started throwing tomatoes at them and soon the locals began to follow his lead and what started out as an action of anger became a tradition. Now, people from all over the world gather at Bunol, a little village near Valencia to keep the tradition going. Spain is also the perfect European trip with a variety of places to explore ranging from mountains, monuments to buzzing cities and picturesque towns.

3. Kullu Manali, India
Kullu and Manali are two different places approximately 40kms away. Manali is one of the gems of India, dusted with snow and the most magical weather ever to experience if visited at the right time around the seasons. It’s a place of entertainment for the adventurous hearts, at all times buzzing with a bunch of outdoor activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, ice skating, and many more. And for those that enjoy the silent indoors, there are wonderful hotels catering to those that wish to nestle next to a cozy fireplace looking out into the snowy scenery. March to June, are the pleasant days whereas the snow lovers can visit between December and January.

4. Japan
Japan is a country of such deep-rooted cultural values and traditions but that’s not all. The country on its own is absolutely enchanting, especially during the cherry blossom season, not only because Sakura are the national symbol but because of how beautiful every single aspect of it looks during the blossoming season. Between Marc to early April, the Sakura flowers blossom all over Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, and many more places. Japan also beholds some of the most invigorating festivals such as the Koenji Awa Odori festival, a summer traditionof Tokyo where 10,000 dancers perform Awa, a traditional form of entertainment that dates back to the Kamakura period. There are s There are so many more rejuvenating festivals, and traditions Japan has to offer than we know.

5. Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil
Not only is Rio De Jeneiro the biggest city of Brazil but also the most iconic with its endless beaches, groovy music and the best part, the annual carnival. The annual carnival lasts for almost two weeks, utterly enrapturing with its flamboyant colors, music and costumes. Most of us have seen a glimpse of the representation of the parade in the animated movie ‘Rio the movie’ that came out in 2011. Aside from the parade, there are a variety of other breath-taking spots such as the Christ Redeemer statue overlooking the city, the sugarloaf rock peak, the Prainha beach and the list goes on with this colourful city.



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