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The month of May is known for many things, such as; it was in this month that, the unsinkable ship, the Titanic had sunk; It was in April the Internation Astronomy Day was announced; The gemstone of May is Diamonds, but Mayl is the month of vibrant colours, with spring and summer blooming hand in hand. It is only during this time of the year, the temperature in most parts of the world, isn’t too cold, nor too hot. It’s pleasant, refreshing and absolutely delightful. If you’re planning a trip with your friends and family during April then here are some of the most thrilling places to add to your list.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands
One of my most favourite things about Amsterdam is that there’s always a good concert to go to. Musicians pour in every month and have their tickets sold, all the time. It is also during April, the tulips blossom in flamboyant colours and it is truly a sight not to be missed. Known to be the Venice of the North, Amsterdam never disappoints its visitors. The temperature ranges from 4°C being the lowest to 11°C being the highest. Amsterdam’s Canal cruises and the bicycles are an experience to always remember. If you’re an Instagrammer then Amsterdam definitely endlessly poses her beauty for your lenses at any time of the day. One day in Amsterdam means a day of sheer fun with worries held at bay. If you’re young, adventurous and want to get reckless, then Amsterdam calls to you personally.

2. Naples, Italy
Summer slowly creeps in during the month of April in Naples. Naples may not be something as popular as Rome or Venice but it has its own song. Before the merciless summer breaks out, Naples in April is like an exquisite combination of cheese and wine. The sun is out, the temperature ranges from 12°C to 19°C, with springtime on the go, fresh produce arrives at the culinary steps where the chefs whip up delicious seasonal foods, as well as the star of the show, Pizzas, and Naples is also perfect for beach days during this time! There are all sorts of museums, castles and islands to visit such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius, especially if you’re a history lover.

3. Madeira, Portugal
The weather ranging from 15°C to 20°C in April, Madeira beholds some of the most beautiful sceneries ever to be witnessed. The Porto Moniz Lava Pools are a must-visit. Surrounded by the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean, the pools are filled with spiky rings of black lava rocks dating back to a prehistoric volcanic eruption. Madeira is also known for the famous downhill toboggan ride in a wicker sled. The runners navigate the sled towards the Funchal as it zooms at a really high speed. Every year, after Easter, Madeira celebrates something called the Flower Festival in which the springtime is honoured with festivity. It is a captivating parade of tribute to the blossoming season symbolising hope and renewal.

4. Kauai, Hawaii
Inching towards the end of its monsoon season, Kauai has a few refreshing showers every now and then as well some days when the sun shines bright allowing space for some really fun beach activities. It has invigorating sceneries where the clouds cover the lush green peeks, the ocean is as blue as it can be, and many more thrilling views rife with tropical beauty. There are hiking paths as well as ziplining in Koloa. Bird watchers, don’t forget your binoculars if you’re going to the Kilauea lighthouse in the northern shore, a historic spot that lost its light after the Pearl Harbor attack of WWII in 1941, but today serves as one of the most beautiful spots within a wildlife refuge service. Kauai is a quiet and much more relaxing island compared to the rest, offering a much peaceful and a delightful time for its guests.

5. Seville, Spain
Seville in April is filled with festivities, parties and celebration, especially around the time of Easter. With the temperature varying from 11°C to 20°C, tourists are given the liberty to enjoy the outside liberally in a pleasant weather. The April Fair definitely makes the top of the list. A few weeks after easter, the April Fair takes place, which is filled with food, music and folklore. The April Fair may have been adapted by many other places within Spain such as Madrid and Barcelona, but Seville still steals the show. In springtime, the streets waft with the scent of vibrant orange blossoms along the old cobblestones. For extra fun and a rejuvenating time, the bull fighting season begins in April at La Maestranza. It’s a debatable spectacle but those who are interested are welcomed with open arms. And do try to catch a glimpse of an authentic Flamenco dance, for it is an indescribable experience of its own.


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