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Sara Gi

Sara Gi is an innovative womenswear fashion label based in Dubai. Founded by Sara Gholami. Sara was brought up in Iran and has lived in Dubai for almost 20 years. She graduated with a BFA in Fashion Design from the Heriot Watt University of Dubai. Her love affair with textiles, fashion and form began at a young age; launching Sara Gi in 2016 is the realization of a lifelong dream. Sara Gi was awarded for Recycle Runway Award in 2016 and shortlisted for a fashion scout award in 2017.

  • What is the process of creating your collection?

Basically, this process begins when I come up with a concept that I turn into a sketch. Next, our team determines specifics such as the garment’s dimensions, the color, the fabric and the creation of a pattern based on our conclusions.

  • Reckon some of the steps you follow in order to grow and expand your brand?

We get to know our target personas. We develop our unique brand voice. We build a consistent social media presence. We devote ourselves to customer service. We partner with other knowledge commerce professionals. 

  • Where do you find your inspiration during a collection creation?

In the magazines, on style blogs, in the street observing people, in the real world.

  • What is the most favorite part of being a designer?

Innovation: The field of fashion is coming up with new innovations, fashion trends in the future among people. Therefore, the job of fashion designing is extremely interesting as it always involves fun and a creative mind when the individual is coming up with a new product, style or design.

  • Most brands are investing in fast fashion designs. What’s your outlook on this?

We are completely against fast fashion. As a sustainable fashion designer, we focus on quality more than quantity. Slow fashion allows me to establish transparency in my design by the way the production processes occur.

  • Going back to your childhood, when did you realize that you had the artistic flair to become a fashion designer?

 Fashion has always been my first love, I was born to design! As a child, I loved to draw, sew and mend clothes. I’ve always been very good at handwork and could make clothes at a very young age. So, after my youth service year I studied fashion design and after graduation I started my own fashion line. 

  • Do you believe that fashion designers have a certain role in society?

Yes, I do think fashion is important in society because it allows people to express their personality. Throughout the ages, fashion has become an important part of society and culture. As the human world developed so did the vocation of clothes and what people developed out of different materials to wear.

  • Are there certain skills a fashion designer should have?

Definitely, there are. A successful fashion designer needs excellent business strategy, good communication skills, strong sewing dexterity, strong visualization practice and computer literacy.

  • What is style for you?

It’s your attitude. Showing the world who you are, both on the outside and in spirit. And it should never be confused with fashion – the clothes you wear. Fashion is in the clothes. Style is in the wearer.

  • Do you find people well-dressed?

I appreciate people who have a style that resonates with who they are because it takes a lot of self-searching to find your own aesthetic.

  • Do you have new projects on the way?

There is a digital screening of the Art Film called “TRANSMISSION” in April / May. 

One of the artists who will be performing, will be dressed by SARA GI

Sara Gi
Photo by: Norbert Kniat

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