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Edu Danesi is a Brazilian artist who has lived and works in Belgium since 1996. He uses several techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, graffiti and stencil on various media such as canvas, wood, metal, on body party or simply the walls.
With the mixture of the photographer‘s vision and the work of the painter, Edu Danesi creates artworks full of expressive colour, meaningful emotions, a heart for sensuality, a good sense for poetry, provocation and an overload of positivity.
He is limitless, a creature capable of creation. He watches and notices everything.

Vassilios: After your graduation from Brussels School of Photography what motivated you to convert to painting?
Edu: In fact, I always drew and painted. My mother was an artist and I grew up seeing her painting all the time. When I was a teenager, I did graffiti.

Vassilios: What are some techniques you work with?
Edu: I’m self-taught! I learned everything myself. I always tried new techniques, but most of the time I use acrylic, spray paint and collage.

Vassilios: What does your work aim to say?
Edu: I think my work mostly has a positive message, even if I sometimes try to create a reflection on a problem, injustice and inequality in the world. But good vibes are much more frequent. Beauty, hope, joy and good energy are essential to live! We cannot stop living for the fear of death!

Vassilios: Where do you get inspiration from?
Edu: In people’s stories. Sometimes there are several mini-stories in one. Independent of each other, like in a Tarantino movie!

Vassilios: You turn Porsche 911 hoods into authentic works of art. How did that passion start?
Edu: I always liked sports cars, especially Porsche and American Muscle Cars! The painting on the hoods was just a union of two passions. Art and cars…My hoods represent a passion, a way of life, a story, several stories…

Vassilios: Why did you choose Brussels over Brazil to create a career?
Edu: I already lived in Belgium when I decided to make a living from my art. But, living from art in Brazil is more difficult than in Europe!

Vassilios: Have you conceptualized your next exhibition?
Edu: Not yet, I’m currently working hard to supply the galleries, which doesn’t leave me much time to prepare an exhibition on a precise theme. I have lots of ideas and projects but lack the time!

Vassilios: How does your work comment on current issues?
Edu: The current situation is quite complicated. Art brings hope and good vibes to people and this is very beneficial.

Vassilios: What’s one thing you made this year?
Edu: With the current crisis many events were canceled, such as the “Miami Art Week”, so I had to adapt and concentrate on Europe and Dubai! Which was a very good thing! But starting in September, I will pay special attention to the USA.

Vassilios: How do you maintain your integrity as an artist and navigate the art world?
Edu: In the art world, or simply in life, the important thing is to be yourself, stay real! Be honest with yourself and with others! Do not forget that no one is better than no one! And work hard! So, I think the important thing to go far in life is…Be real, respect and work hard!

Vassilios: We all try to seek out opportunities. How easy is that for you and how important was it to build a career?
Edu: I think life is about choices. If you choose a profession and choose to stay in it and work, the career is a concession! Opportunities!!! We have to create them and not miss any!

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