Self-healing by sinking into the earliest culture of Egypt

I have always found comfort in anything merely related to ancient Egypt. Every little detail about that world, holds so much wonder and resplendence with its magnificent architecture, the history it holds, and the great legends of the gods of Egypt. Even the thought of it sparks great admiration and an undying curiosity to know more. The civilization of ancient Egypt may not exist anymore, but we will always have little pieces in our reality that’ll envelope us in our own bubble of the world we seek. Find your healing in something that is long lost, but not gone, in the cusp of your hands, this page. Here are a few ways to spend some time by yourself, with your thoughts and your love to explore something new.

1. Make up like a Queen!
Okay, I love to find myself engrossed on a quiet afternoon, sitting by the mirror, ominously applying eyeliner around my eyes, as the Dubai sunlight streams through my window. For extra effects, I play ambient music in the background, dress myself in a white fabric draped fittingly, and wear my gold-painted jewellery as though I’m getting ready for my very own coronation. The ancient Egyptians used Galena mineral as kohl, copper ore as green eyeshadow, ground-up carmine as lipstick, and hydrated iron oxide (which is a sort of tinted clay) as color to the cheeks. But all beauty products were not used by everyone. Lipsticks and eyeshadows were specifically used by women and men of status and so were oils and fragrances which came in a variety of scents such as; lilies, sandalwood, iris, and frankincense. So, with some research, spend time and treat yourself to feeling like a beautiful Queen from Ancient Egypt, a story history never made an account of.

2. The Gods and Goddesses
Studying and learning about the gods and goddesses of the olden times is a comfort of its own. The deities of Egypt were a very significant part of people’s lives for over 3000 years. Their pantheon comprises 2000 deities who each have their own powers, realms and responsibilities. To think that almost 30 centuries ago, there existed a golden civilization in the Mediterranean world with temples to gods, priest and priestesses conducting devoted ceremonies for the gods and above all, the people chanting their names day in and out, with no knowledge that their gods and their world would shift so far from what they would’ve known. It’s an imposing thought that even after all these centuries have passed, people from around the world still worship and look up to these gods and conduct ceremonies as they did in the olden times but on a much smaller scale. In your sleepless nights, grab your laptop, and find comfort in learning about the many deities of ancient Egypt, how they were worshipped and what part of being human they represented.

3. Moon Knight
Ladies and more ladies gather around because anyone who has loved the old world of Egypt would have found themselves watching the Moon Knight series, starring Oscar Isaac, without fail. The entire plot revolves around the ancient gods and goddesses, maintaining balance in the world through their personally chosen human avatars, who do the deeds as per their assigned god. One such avatar is Marc Spector and Steven Grant, both the same man but different personalities, who must go on a quest under the order of the great god Khonshu. A treacherous quest Marc Spector, Steven Grant and Marc’s wife, Layla El-Faouly must embark on for the world’s fate rests in their hands. Cuddle up under the blankets and let Oscar Isaac lull you away to a world of Egyptian gods, their purposes and the dangerous pursuits of their avatars.

4. A Visit to The Museum
For those in the UAE, book yourself a ticket to the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, either with your friends or by yourself, and buckle up for a long drive. While amusing yourself with all the artefacts of the museum, visit the department of Egyptian antiquities. Sarcophagus of Henuttawy, the story of Tutankhamun stele, sculptured head of Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra VII and many more immersive artefacts can be found here. Walking through a museum on its own is a therapeutic experience for those that want a break from all the noise of their own. And Louvre has all the peace, quiet, knowledge and a wonderful time to offer. Do not miss a wonderful experience.

5. Create your own portfolio
This is a personal favourite. I’ve got a few favorite gods, goddesses, and queens from Egyptian history and these figures are very personal to me that have a great value and respect in my heart. I sometimes sketch my favourite goddess or queens in my vision, with a backstory of why they look the way they do in my sketch. I detail my sketches with their symbols, their animals, their favorite flowers as prints on their clothes or jewels and more. Sometimes I even create a fashion collection portfolio for a god or a Pharaoh with clothing of the modern day and the prints, patterns and trims matching the ancient culture. It is a very creative way to connect with yourself. Creating a playlist for your favourite goddess, writing a story based on a reborn Pharoah, or even checking out this month’s Tell-A-Novella column, you’re gonna have a great time reconnecting with yourself and your creativity.

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