Stronger Hair and Less Hair Fall with New Essential Energy Range by NASHI

Essential Energy Range

Trying to find out all the remedies which your hair will work with for hair-fall and balding is always a dire task and it is always disappointing when you’re all ready for an occasion and see your receding hairline. Nashi, the skincare brand born in Italy known for its collection of products featuring 100% certified organic Argan and Linseed oil, launches a new range, Essential Energy. Since launching in 2010, Nashi gained global popularity for its effective, multi-use hair and skincare products, designed to offer a tailor-made experience that puts simplicity, care, and professional results first, which is the DNA of the brand.


New Essential Energy Range not only powerfully strengthens hair and prevents breakage but is also kind towards mother nature with its “zero-impact” packaging and “renewable sources” production process.Its range includes three double-action products that create a simple yet powerful routine designed to strengthen hair, prevent breakage, and reduce hair fall caused by weakened hair roots and breakage of hair fibers. To create this line, the organic brand has used a combination of energizing essential oils and natural extracts, formulated by its team of experts. 


For people who have many allergies or a common dislike towards certain harmful chemicals. At the core of Nashi is respect for the environment, and the brand has designed a range to ensure minimal impact may be felt on the environment; Not only is Nashi’s “zero-impact” packaging made up of recyclable materials to increase the its life cycle, but the entire production process uses energy from renewable sources. 


Nashi delivers more than just a product, but an experience that allows a seamless transition from salon to achieving professional results at home. The New Essential Energy range and other products can be found at salons near you.



Essential Energy Shampoo:


The Essential Energy Shampoo is an energizing shampoo designed to stimulate and cleanse the hair through the combination of essential oils. The gentle formula is perfect for frequent washers, as it deeply cleanses, and balances without stripping the hair. The active ingredients in the essential oils strengthens the hair while improving anchorage to reduce potential breakage.  AED 105



The Essential Energy Conditioner:

The Essential Energy Conditioner immediately strengthens and softens hair fibers, leaving your hair silky smooth and ready to style. The rich ingredients instantly hydrate and nourish the hair with each use, while reducing excess hair fall. AED 105



The Essential Energy Daily treatment:


The Essential Energy Daily Treatment is designed to revitalize hair with every spray, improve resistance, and decrease hair fall. This powerful treatment is perfect for those looking for a solution for excess hair fall. Combine with the Essential Shampoo and Conditioner for a power trio that delivers results. AED 180


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