The Audrey Hepburn Legacy

Audrey Hepburn

Class and elegance seem to be underrated in today’s era where drama, body contouring and plastic surgeries are thriving. In the likes of Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, being an icon means having a charisma that can influence people from one generation to another.

Hepburn’s sophistication and elegance have been recognized on and off the screen since time immemorial. This Belgian-born British actress was best known for her roles in classic Hollywood films such as the Roman Holiday (1953) and My Fair Lady (1964). And who can forget her iconic role in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) with her little black dress which catapulted her to fame? Her radiance and innocent charm have made the rest of the world fall in love with her, not to mention her ability to command attention which has become a fascination to many. Her class, elegance and love for humanitarian deeds are eternally relevant and that is something that a few of the trendsetters of today lack.

On the contrary, the Kardashians have become synonymous to drama. They get it, wherever they go as they seem to be a magnet of it. They have placed themselves in a platform where women, mostly, idolize them in a manner of having a perfect body or face. There is nothing wrong with it though. It just goes to show how influential they are that women would pay thousands of dollars to achieve their body – or as those really achievable? Furthermore, the drama and controversies that surround their family is something that a Hepburn might actually run away from. 

But how do we become a Hepburn in a world full of Kardashians anyway?

First, stay away from drama. This one is a no-brainer but makes it a reminder. The Kardashians have always loved drama and it’s been a part of their family. If you are watching their family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you will come to realize that they cannot even seem to handle their own personal drama. So if you want a piece of some sunshine and charm from Hepburn, stay away from what causes you stress and tears.

Second, discover new interests and develop your skills. During her early years, Hepburn studied ballet and acting. Her passion has already made her amazing in a way that she pursues what she wants in her life. However, her dedication to humanitarian deeds has made her shine even more because she has come to make people realize that she is not just a pretty face and she is indeed an icon for a reason. Doing what you love and pursuing your passion will make you happier and it will eventually reflect in your appearance. People love to be around happy people and that alone should be a gentle reminder to take the first step now.

Third, practice kindness. Being kind has a lot more to it than just being kind. Learning to use words wisely, having respect for others and yourself, knowing proper manners and etiquette are just some of the ways. Being elegant goes way beyond your appearance and manner of dressing up as it begins from the inside. Having a positive outlook in life exudes the elegant mindset as well. 

Fourth, read as much as you can. We must not forget that elegance is a state of mind and a lifestyle so the more ideas that we feed into our mind, the more knowledgeable we become to living the best of our lives. Being dedicated to personal growth proves that you value what you can be as an individual. 

Sure enough, people have the free will to choose their role models. What people need to know is that money will never equal class and elegance. You may have a big paycheck and have the means to buy the most luxurious of items but that doesn’t mean that you are already elegant because elegance comes from within – it is a mindset and an attitude and these are the things that we need to adhere to if we want to be different in this Kardashian world.

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