The Gospel of Summer: Michael Cinco’s The Impalpable Dream of Rio de Janeiro


“Do you ask the cost of a Michelangelo? You don’t ask the price. Beauty has no price.”


Whether it’s shocking the world in a dreamy delicious swirl of colorful cotton candy-like flowers, One thing is certain, Men command attention. Couture is powerful. It is rare to see a collection before it has been finally edited. Rarer still to be talked through it personally.


Rio is known for its famous beaches, forests, stunning natural landscapes, and of course its warm, sunny climate. The style largely reflects that: it’s all about casual, airy clothing that’s beautiful and sensual. As a rule, Brazilians dress well: they like to look good. But they also like to dress casually and with a sense of humor, preferring refreshing and light fabrics better suited for warmer climates.


Rio De Janeiro’s influence is vast, infecting the whole country with samba fever because it earned the distinction of being “The Greatest Show on Earth.” Everything we have ever loved is reinvented with a small twist. It is a modern retrospective that quite literally takes everyone’s breath away. Ah Rio, Its exotic nature and sensuality of the samba are only enhanced by the flashy costumes of the participants. 


Everyday life. Inspiration can come from many things, but mainly it comes from observing what happens around us in the world, from observing people we meet in restaurants, runway shows, jewelry shops, and on vacations. The Impalpable Dream of Rio De Janeiro takes its inspiration from society and everyday life, which is the same for everyone, and this is perhaps the reason why certain elements recur in bright couture summer colors. 

People now seek history, tradition, and family – it is not just about fashion and clothing. People pursue realism, a dream everybody can dream about especially in the sparkling sunset of the modern Rio




The crisp finish, smooth lines, and masterful detailing on Michael Cinco’s new collection showcase why the label is famed for being the last word in sartorial sharpness, immaculately conceived, and pristine tailored model faces. We viewed them as pretty boys. They tend to have more chiseled facial features, beautifully textured skin,  and dominance of angles in their facial features. Truth is, they are the heir apparent to the throne in a royal or imperial monarchy.

Michael Cinco works with romance. Today, you need emotion when you buy something, you have to love it. Like with food, movies, everything. That is what we tried to create.  The Brazilians have always been very creative – some of the fashion world’s most important teachers that they were inspired by were French, such as Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent. But, even though it may be different, there certainly is creativity in “Men of West of Paris”. Brazil prides itself on the abundance of beautiful males. 


“I’ve always been about a mix of elements, all contributing to the shape of my DNA. My story is made of love, passion for the Philippines, fashion, culture, movies, and much more. In the essence of masculinity,  designs and quality textiles create the perfect fairytale. Traveling and getting in touch with other cultures, people all over the world, and clients have been very important for my maturity as a label. This is the Impalpable Dream of Rio de Janeiro”



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