The Sound of Joseph Terterian

Joseph Terterian

Music connects. It makes you stay within the now. And when music pierces through the listener’s soul, it epitomizes the musician’s very being. That’s how I felt when I heard Joseph Terterian’s rendition of one of his songs. A voice so mellisonant and a persona that’s tenacious yet enticing, it is not a surprise that Joseph Terterian’s songs leave the listeners consistently mesmerized.
Though the Armenian tenor’s musical journey officially took off 15 years ago, he started showing interest in music and singing at the early age of four. 2008 was the year when the public witnessed this budding talent stage his debut in the Baroque Opera Zenobia performing the role of Ormonte.
Starred in several musicals… collaborated with regional established artists such as Marcel Khalife and Charbel Rouhana…made it to the primetime TV show ‘Arabs Got Talent… sang the tenor part in Mozart’s infamous Requiem – one of his most memorable performances…at every step Joseph carved a niche for himself.

The sound of Joseph…let’s hear it from the maestro.

What first got you into music?
Joseph: Just my passion. I noticed that I cannot live without music. I can’t. That’s the main reason why I got into music.

What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?
Joseph: Because it helps me in expressing what I feel at certain moments. Whether I’m singing, or writing a new melody while working in the studio, I am hundred percent focused at what I’m doing. It feels as if I’m meditating. It’s like a state of mind for me, which to me is a very divine sensation.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Joseph: The music that I typically create, would be described as the sentiments that come from the deepest parts of my heart, because I normally don’t like to sing songs that do not resonate with me.

Where do most of your ideas emanate from when it comes to writing your songs?
Joseph: My ideas come from my life. They are legit from my life. All of the ideas, all of the songs that I’ve written are inspired from events that I had experienced personally. However, the album I’m currently working on is not a personal one, but the personal touch to this album is that it contains songs that are from around the world. I see myself as someone who loves gaining more exposure to different languages and a variety of different cultures.

What are some of the skills you have gained that help you in performing effectively as a musician?
Joseph: I’m a violinist who can understand and deliver the art of music, proficiently. I don’t only sing, just because I can. I have studied music as well since I was little. These are the skills that have not only helped in my performances, but also skills that taught me on how to market myself on social media. I’m currently learning photoshop and sound engineering in order to make things easier for me.

Joseph Terterian
Photo by: Tejaswi Ghagada

Who is your ideal musician to collaborate with and why?
Joseph: My ideal musician that I’d love to collaborate with is Hiba Tawaji. I love how her music is able to speak to me and the way she sings and performs. So, she would definitely be my number one choice. My second choice would include artists such as Celine Dione, Andrea Bocelli, because I’m able to sing and connect to their type of music.

Can you tell us about your upcoming album ‘Transcend’, and What according to you should the audience look out for?
Joseph: The reason why I called it Transcend is because my life is transcending right now. I just realized that there are a lot of changes taking place that emit a positive vibration. What I feel the audience should keep an eye for, would be the way I finally found my sound and what I aspire to be when I’m singing pop. It shows what I can be musically. I’m also playing the violin in this album, which further explains why it has Armenian touch.

Do you feel the internet has impacted the music industry?
Joseph: It’s great. The internet is amazing, as it made it easier for my voice to be heard by the masses. I probably wouldn’t have had this opportunity before, unless I knew a lot of people who were involved in the industry. However, the downside of it is that I’m wanting the mercy of an AI, whose algorithm’s I can’t control.

As an artist – what are some of the changes you would like to see taking place in the music industry?
Joseph: The music industry is nice. But some of the changes I would like to see would be the usage of better lyrics, nicer and meaningful messages that speak to everybody, rather than writing about partying during the weekends. Life is not always about parties. You can still have fun and be happy without wasting time in trivial, problematic situations.

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