Victoria Tsyganova

Victoria Tsyganova

“These are songs about people, for people”
Victoria Tsyganova, a Russian star, an incredibly talented singer, has written more than 30 solo albums, given hundreds of concerts, each of her songs becomes not just famous, it becomes legendary! For many years her songs have been sounding in the hearts of Russians, as Victoria puts her soul into her works, not following fashion trends but guided by history, people, her own experience, emotions and feelings. Her songs breathe love and kindness.

How did your journey begin? Do you remember the moment when you realized that music is what you want to do?

I’ve always been passionate about music since childhood. The songs my parents would listen to resonated with me in some way or the other, further enabling me to express myself. I’ve had the opportunity to work in theatre where I learnt the art of expression through music and acting combined together. I just knew that this is definitely an area of interest that I wanted to excel in, once I started developing and loving my craft. A craft that chose me!

Tell us, what difficulties did you encounter on your way?
You know, it is pretty scary when you are on your own trying to navigate your way around especially when it comes to establishing yourself. It is natural for one to develop moments of self-doubt, and you want people to reassure you that everything is going to be okay. Validation was one of the challenges. The other roadblocks I had faced would be trying to find people whom you can trust. You are bound to come across certain people who will be there to test your limits, push you to the extreme and bring you down. However, I wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for those obstacles that made me into the person I am today. Now, when I think back… I don’t see them as roadblocks. I perceive it as an experience full of learning that has shaped me into a much stronger person. As the saying goes, success doesn’t happen overnight.

How has your music changed over the years? What events in life have influenced you?
I create what excites me and I ensure the music that I create is authentic, and it comes from a very special place: my heart. I don’t see myself as the type who follows trends. Of course, people are different from one another and have different tastes. My husband and I create songs that are inspired from real life events that we, personally, have experienced. There are varieties of emotion, ranging from happiness to humour and sadness. We strive for the audience to connect with our music. If you compare the songs that I’ve sung in the 90’s to the songs of 2021, you’ll notice there is indeed a difference.

What inspires you the most now? What do you dream about?
Wow this is a tough one! I’d say pretty much everything I’m surrounded by… inspires me. For me, inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be from watching an old couple walking down the street, to the countries I’ve travelled to, nature, paintings that I see in a museum… the list is endless. I also like the idea of seeing something extraordinary happen in front of me, I don’t want to share this particular experience with anyone else. It’s like you only want to keep it for yourself and I find moments like that to be very not only relaxing but exciting. I’d like to say that it is a gift that has been given to me where I can write and create music anywhere at any time and place!

Tell us, are you currently working on new projects? Do you have any plans to write a new album? Are you planning to give concerts in the near future?
I can’t really say much about it as I want it to be a surprise. The only hint I can give is that it is related to the events that lie ahead or again-the ones that I’ve encountered but with different outcomes. This is dedicated to the people who enjoy listening to my music. Their support and their liveliness mean everything to me. There are so many projects I’m involved in; it would be amazing for me to relive and recreate new memories with the audience.

What advice would you give, from the height of your experience, to aspiring performers?
Enjoy and love what you do. Find what excites you and make sure that what you share comes from your heart. You don’t even have to explain it to people when they listen or watch your craft because they will automatically know that you are not only invested… but passionate about the art that has chosen you. Be it any form of talent or creativity, put it to good use. Don’t do something because you want to be famous or because you want instant recognition. That’s not how it always works. Even if it does, ask yourself what you will gain from this and if you are staying true to who you are. There are so many well known musicians out there who love keeping their audience connected through their music.

Never be someone that you are not. It is very easy for the audience to detect who’s real and who isn’t… thanks to the media and the way it’s progressing as the years go by. But again, always stay true to yourself and the creativity you want to share. Your fanbase and success will grow organically. Enjoy every moment and love what you do!

Victoria Tsyganova
Photo by: Pavel Yashkin

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