Welcome to the world of Glam Events

Welcome To The World Of Glam Events

Welcome to the world of Glam Events

Vassilios (@vassiliosvitsilogiannis) and Despina (@despinadimotsi) travel all over the world to attend amazing events. This time, they talk about…London Fashion Week S/S 2021.

Τhe first digital-only London Fashion Week was online. It combined big brands, new talents and creative designs all presented online.

All viewers watched from Royal Ballet dancers to pineapple leather and an Oscar-Winning actress were some of the highlights.

Yuhan Wang showcased a quite interesting collection which was inspired by traditional Chinese landscape paintings. She explored how time, space and spirit connect women together, and it was a successful collection.

Indeed, this spiritual collection was innovative but a favorite highlight was Emilia’s Wickstead collection. She had been inspired by three movies to have created her collection and the basic elements were rose prints in lemon, yellow and lapis blue, as this feeling gives an everyday comfort.

Molly Goddart is too British in her influences, but it was also a highlight. She mixed these classic British fabrics with vivid colors and also multi-colors and the result was outstanding.

So extreme, but London and generally British style has a unique fashion “taste” that anyone accepts and adores worldwide. 

Be ready for the next event. Don’t ask where? Destination unknown but impressive and luxurious!

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