What has the USA given us?

American Culture

Everything we see and learn in the present world has been influenced by American culture to some extent. The USA is a trend setter in many industries as well as a cultural contributor with its vast diversity. There is so much to explore what the USA has given us in its own development but here are a few significant things we have been given liberally.

1. Small Town Dream
This is a personal favourite just because living in a quaint American town is an experience that’ll always remain gold because everyone knows everyone, the whole town comes together for celebrations, kids are always playing in the streets, the town is secluded from all the busy noises of the city and there are many more serene aspects to romanticize the idea and it only gets easier to fall in love with the thought the more we see it in series and movies.

2. Starbucks
Everyone who has ever hunted down the nearest Starbucks, bought themselves a freshly brewed coffee and settled in for their routine for the day, surely understands how grateful we are to the USA. Many may not agree, but we all know at least one person who can’t live without a Starbucks coffee a day. And we have to admit, every single one of us have a craze for Starbucks to certain extent because, even though one may not enjoy consuming from Starbucks, they have definitely purchased at least once just to post an aesthetically pleasing picture on their social media. Starbucks is a thrill!

3. Hollywood
Here we refer to the millions of Hollywood movies we watch and not the Hollywood sign. Hollywood is the bar setter for cinemas and films all over the world. They use the most innovative technologies and Hollywood movies are released in every country because that’s how popular they are. Some of my favorite and the most popular movies are namely, Marvel, Avatar, DC, Interstellar, and etc.

4. Diverse Food
My favourite part of the USA is the food. There’s Chicago deep dish pizza, hamburger, tacos, hotdogs and many more mouth-watering dishes that swiftly steal the show. Apple pie is my favourite American dish which for a fact, is now available in every other country. That’s the beauty of American food. It’s extremely diverse and popular enough to be available in other countries as well because everyone wants a taste of it!

5. Ivy League Schools
Students from around the world aim to get into the Ivy League Schools in the States, because of the quality of education and its recognition in every part of the world. Graduates of Brown, Cornell, Harvard, Yale and more, are more open to prestigious opportunities that further help them in developing their career.


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