What’s on Your Mind? With Bader Al Mansoori

Bader Al Mansoori

Give him a pen and paper, and all we have to do is simply watch his imagination and his creativity take us by storm. Whichever story he brings to life, Bader Al Mansoori will not let anyone else hold the pen. Why? It’s simple. Because, it’s his story and it’s his pen. A father, traveller, explorer and an Art appreciator, Bader Al Mansoori is the ideal, and prime example of allowing his creativity and grit to build a series of universes, consisting of unique and diverse characters that we all love. 

Curious to know what’s on his mind? Sit back, with a hot cup of coffee and immerse your mind where he lets his creativity and talent do the talking. 

How did the art of writing find its way to you?

I have always been interested in writing since I was little. I promised myself that once I complete 13 sessions of the Leadership development program from Harvard Business School, I’ll write my first book. I was too busy at work until my retirement. Then the lockdown period took place which gave me ample time for me to write. Now I have written two books and am currently working on my first T.V Series. 

What would you say is your interesting writing qurik? What are some of the genres you’d like to explore? 

I like to write about memorable things. As they say, the devil is in the details. I like to write about endearing and unique situations that a person might face  and all the feelings associated with it. I explored a new genre for my new book, which includes a mix of horror and suspense. 

When it comes to creating your universe, and bringing your characters to life, there’s always an incentive that does the trick. In your own words, where do most of your inspirations come from? 

My inspirations come from my own experiences, especially when it comes to dealing with life and experiencing challenging situations. In addition, I read a lot-therefore, I get inspired by great writers. Plus, I also watch a lot of inspiring films. 

What was one one of the most surprising things you learnt in creating your books? 

The most surprising thing I learnt, while writing both books; in Arabic and in English, is that the Arabic version was much harder to construct in comparison to writing my stories in English. This is because of the complexity of grammar in the Arabic language. I found out that pictures are equally important in the book to support the writing. 

According to you, what makes a good story? 

To write a good story, the story needs to be relevant to the reader with a genuine, real and interesting start; from beginning, middle and the end. 

Your recent book release… ‘Blood Curdling Tales’… it has the effect of not only keeping the readers engaged, but also sends chills down their spine. What inspired you to create this book? What can you tell us about it? 

Blood Curdling Tales’, is about those unforgettable stories that exist in every person’s life. I wanted to share, some of my frightening moments in my life, with the readers which include episodes, such as drowning, crazy chases, facing the Grim Reaper and freezing to death…which is similar to being a part of a real murder scene. The idea of this book came to life, after being inspired by a young writer  who writes horror stories in the Gulf. 

What type of a writer are you? Are you the type who writes by the fly of your seat? Or do you maintain a small journal where you construct your plot from beginning to end? 

I’m a very organized writer. I maintain a small journal which consists of my ideas and details. I plan my writing and primarily write all the events in a chronological sequence. 

What Writing advice would you like to share with readers, who aim to become writers? 

The advice I’d like to share with aspiring writers is this; Read diligently. Read as much as you can. Take notes in a small diary as they will be your points of reference. Don’t hesitate in writing in varieties of forms. Don’t stick to just one form alone. Experimenting is vital and finding your voice will take place organically. Keep reference books in handy by creating your own mini library. 

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