What’s your love language?

Sherizze Sean Acot

love language

The expression of love is something that is personal and unique to everyone. It always varies between people in relationships, which sometimes is a complementing aspect of their relationship and sometimes not so great. Everyone’s love language says so much about themselves and the kind of person they would be in a relationship. It also intrigues one to think about why they express that particular love language because sometimes, it does root into their past and their character development. Love languages are not just for couples but for everyone, because this is the one consistent thing, we express to everyone we love. It takes time and understanding to look into what an individual’s love language is, but to start off, here are the five types of love languages most people fall under.

1. Quality Time
Undivided attention, long conversations and the need to understand their people beyond the walls that hide their true self is all about Quality time. People with this love language simply love to spend time with the people they love. They want to connect with them, look into their thoughts, their way of thinking, to be able to understand where they’re coming from, what their life has been like up until that very moment and relish in their very presence. This has to be one of my favourite love languages.

2. Words of Affirmation
Appreciation and validations from the right person can really help with positivity and can go a long way with self esteem. Words of affirmation have to be one of the cutest love languages. “I’m so proud of you,” “You look beautiful today!” “I couldn’t do this without you,” and many more are a few examples of words of affirmation that we’d all love to hear as well as share with the people we truly love. It’s a different kind of happiness when we receive and reciprocate the words of affirmations.

3. Gifts
If you simply love giving gifts and receiving gifts not just on your birthday but in general, then this is your love language. You probably spot a beautiful item online, or at a store and immediately think about this one person who would simply adore it, and immediately purchase it for them. You might even go the extra mile and put your everything into wrapping it up into a beautiful present just to see the look on their face when you give it to them. The same applies vice versa because not only do they love giving gifts, but they also love receiving gifts. This way they know that they’re not the only ones doing the most, but they matter enough to be treated the way they like to be treated.

4. Acts of Service
When you love helping out your partner in the little ways possible like, making a warm cup of coffee for them in the morning or when they cook you a surprise meal when you get back from work or when they step in to take care of the kids for the day so you can relax and more, are some of the small things that can truly enrich one’s relationship because they are both assuring each other that they’ve got their back and personally I think this a really sweet love language.

5. Physical Touch
Cuddling, holding hands while walking, giving great neck massages, cupping the face just because, putting hands around them whenever seated together, sharing a kiss whenever it feels like, etc are some of the cutest physical touch love languages. It gives a great deal of assurance that this person wants to be beside you and loves to be able to touch and feel your very existence in their life. It truly expresses a soul connection beyond words and gifts can.


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