Freezing a Moment

Sandrine Gomez

Photos capture a moment in time in the hopes of returning to that moment that now has gone.

Sandrine Gomez is an LA/Paris French photographer that has captured celebrity, press, behind the scenes, promo, lifestyle and fashion. One of Sandrine’s first gigs was with celebrity David Guetta and Cathy Guetta (portrait and behind the scenes on a music video/publicity shoot). She has worked in LA, in Paris, in Ibiza, in Spain. Sandrine also photographed Patrick Brel sheI made his entire album, his press, and singles. This is how little by little she built her portfolio, network, and won the trust from many artists and other equally exceptional people.

Cassie: How did you become a photographer, what inspired you?
Sandrine: I started photography with my actor friends when I was still a student at Lee Strasberg. I remember, I bought myself a small digital device, and we dressed up, put on
scene my friends, but always with the care and the need to have a good time, and make the other unique. I also started with children, with whom I always found myself in my place, and I loved
their energy, their innocence. I worked with agencies like Ford models. They had given me my chance. A friend had come to teach me the BABA of post production and retouching. One thing in her career led to another, and it took off.

Cassie: Do you prefer to shoot more in black and white or in color?
Sandrine: I love black and white but I shoot in color and edit them to black and white if the client’s vision requires that.

Cassie: How has your photographer started and evolved?
Sandrine: At the beginning, I wanted to tell a moment, to capture it, to witness a reality, the freezer got off a moment and made it eternal. I found it fascinating that such a small device could gaze and capture the sensitivity of a man and can provoke so many emotions, happy or sad. Beautiful or hideous. Photography has such power, in a way, over the history of humanity. I’ve always been a lover of life, grateful to be there. Breathe, love, marvel.
I have always wanted to believe in humanity, I have always seen that beauty, to listen to it, observe it, understand it, listen to it, discover its universe, love it in a way and then transcribe it into a photo. We are all unique in ourselves, we are all beautiful, and everything comes from our heart, our spirit, our faults and our strengths. I strive to be genuine.

Cassie: What are some challenges and highlights of being a photographer?
Sandrine: During a portrait session in particular, freezing a moment is a real challenge for me, and my main goal, it’s much more than having the perfect staging, lighting, setting, etc because when I get the moment, I won, I had this little moment, this moment or another given up, undone your inhibitions, and strangely for me it is so important. I feel good giving and making others happy during portrait sessions.
I love my job, I love people, I love life, and I think that shines through my job.
Over time, I have had the opportunity to work with great people, to make nice and bad encounters, which made me grow a lot, both artistically and personally, I have also faced many disappointments, betrayals … but these are negative aspects which pushed me to fight, believe, and never let bitterness, frustration get the better of who I was and that I am.
The beautiful encounters are certainly more numerous and it is on these that linger and give my full attention. Life is not easy, but it is full of beauty if you want to see it well.

Cassie: What advice can you give new photographers?
Sandrine: Find beauty in every moment of life. Be like a reporter of a collective and individual memory. Discover a deep and sincere desire, to capture the essence of a photo and photography. Grow and have teamwork, interact with the different artists of the shoot, merge with the client, translate your vision into images. Build a team.

Cassie: What is your process for photography?
Sandrine: My approach is very cinematic because through body language we are alive. Giving yourself up more and letting go, that’s where the magic happens. In any case, it is in this perspective that I find my pleasure in this art whatever the subject: fashion, portrait, music, backstage … and also the fact of being a mother made me be more in harmony with myself, to leave an essence, overcome fears, doubts, and live in a sense of urgency.

Cassie: Who are some photographers that inspire you?
Sandrine: My great inspirations are Doisneau who bathed my adolescence in images, and then love the work of master Lindberg, and many others.

Cassie: Where else do you find inspiration?
Sandrine: Many writers (Albert Camus, John Fante, CHARLES
BUKOWSKI, PREVERT, Diderot, Salinger …) Films, Painters … so many universes speak to me, touch me, bring me to my universe.

Cassie: Has there been a favorite photoshoot so far in your career?
Sandrine: One of the best moments was perhaps during Patrick Bruel’s tour, a lot of emotions, energy, life … and work … haha ​​… ah and also a shoot with David Guetta and Romain Grosjean in Spain. I discovered the universe of formula 1 more closely … fascinating …
One of the more interesting moments was with David and Cathy Guetta. I was on a photoshoot with them, and it took place on a very beautiful sailboat. I was so sick, so sick, on the boat, I was only able to take a few pictures at the start … I have never been so happy to touch the ground, and for the gold of the world I would not go back on a boat, or at the dock

Cassie: What are your future hopes?
Sandrine: I hope to be able to have the chance to continue photographing unique moments through
stage photography and photographing unique people through fashion/portraits….

A moment can change the world and capturing that moment can leave a fingerprint on humanity for years to come. Sandrine Gomez is creating beautiful art and capturing life. Her light, love, and soul shines through her work.

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