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Women are magic, there are no limits to what we can accomplish. Every woman no matter her age, size, color, scars, and bruises deserves to see herself as beautiful. All women have unloved flaws but that is what makes our journey so beautiful. Every scar I have has a story behind it. My mommy tummy carried two healthy babies. Even though I wish my mommy the tummy was smaller and flatter at times. I am reminded that what my body endured is miraculous.

Women have a more difficult time embracing the new change to their body especially when all over social media many will share the bounce back from pregnancy, not all of us bounce back quickly. My body will always be different, my hips are wider, my curves curvier and my eyes definitely see more tired days. Comparing our bodies to what they once were is a crippling mindset, it can cause depression, low self esteem, low libido, exhaustion, and even suicide. As many as 50 to 75% of new mothers experience a shift in their emotions called the “baby blues” after delivery. Up to 15% of these women will develop a more severe and longer-lasting depression, called postpartum depression, after delivery. Women with postpartum depression may experience emotional highs and lows, frequent crying, fatigue, guilt, anxiety and difficulties caring for the baby. Postpartum depression can be treated. Seeking help and support is the best way to help and asking family members to help even if it’s for a quick shower or nap.

The journey is to rediscover how amazing we are as women. Finding your own power, the power you were always born with, and discovering that power by itself can be life changing. Embrace the skin you're in and know every inch of you is worthy. You are worthy every day no matter what you do or don’t have. Joy is loving yourself as you are. Self-love is one of the most
challenging but rewarding things one may achieve in this life. Confidence is not something that may develop overnight. Confidence arises from experience and practice. Waking up every morning and saying ten empowering things about myself is what kick-started my journey towards self-love. My self-love story is far from easy but over time loving myself has become something I unconsciously believe in and continue to practice as if it’s second nature. You deserve to love yourself!

Women are graceful, powerful, sensual, nurturing, and contain undeniable finesse. Women have the ability to speak volumes with one look, whether it be a bat of an eyelash or disapproving gaze. We have come a long way fighting for equality in the workplace and government. Our fight has allowed us to create our own standards in the fashion and beauty industry. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we must see ourselves as the only beholder that matters. Our eyes must be the most loving, forgiving, and truthful beholder. I always said that the world will catch up to me. I must be patient and not give up on my true self before the world has even had a glance.

When I notice a woman going about their daily routine I always wonder about her story. I wonder about the hidden dreams she has locked away for her future. We all have a natural connection to each other. If we are just willing to stop and take the time to value one another amazing things will happen. You never know if your smile is the one thing that will encourage someone to keep going. Kindness is the key. The world is full of so much criticism and wrong for us to tear each other down.

I’m always working to empower and encourage women to be their authentic self. I want to encourage them to do what makes them their happiest self. For some women this may just be wearing clothes that make them feel confident. Others may feel empowered after surgeries or some may feel the happiest while wearing makeup. Some women may feel their best waking up the way they are. As humans we have no say as to what should make another person valuable because every person is priceless. Our opinion of what a woman should and shouldn’t be is just that, an opinion. Those opinions should not be verbalized because it’s up to her as an individual. Our judgments are not valid because she is perfect in every way that she wants to be. Let’s keep celebrating women as they choose to be, whatever and whomever they choose to be. Women are still the dominant foundational force in raising future generations. We have an incredible responsibility to implant the seeds of change into the younger generation. If women choose to work together, we can eliminate certain inequalities that still plague our womanhood in this current day. It’s time to embrace our magic.

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