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perfect curvy woman

This is such an incredible time in the entertainment industry, even with the pandemic ending , doors are opening more and more for diverse talent.
Barriers are being pushed and broken down for age, race, height and size. It’s anybody’s game, if they can just make a path for themselves.

Unfortunately, sometimes our reality can still put us into boxes, one of them being this perfect curvy woman , brands are now selling women to be perfectly curvy, a “perfect plus “.
As a mom of two and a plus size woman, it’s very discouraging to see the industry take huge steps in body inclusivity but still are missing the target. The pressure to be flawless is still very present in our media and our lives.

Companies will hire women that are a smaller size and plump them with padding to fit for the larger sizes of clothing to save dollars instead hiring a separate plus model that is true in that size. What is even worse they will photoshop a model to appear curvier, giving women a body dysmorphia complex. This even happens for maternity clothing, companies padding models with baby bumps because it’s more convenient and saves from hiring a new model.

All bodies are beautiful and I’m all for making yourself feel your best but only hiring plus sized women that have been snatched, cinched, stuffed and plumped by surgery procedures isn’t exactly healthy for this movement.

By all means you do you boo boo, whatever makes you feel empowered but I would love to see body acceptance for all, even the jiggling natural bodies. All these treatments such as cool sculpting etc… are just creating a more “perfect body” complex for the industry and for women. I will confess I’ve considered plastic surgery myself just to look like these other models that are booking work but my integrity has stopped me. Now my mission is to love myself and share my journey of self love with all.

I am not a trend (my body) and plus size models are not a trend! We are real, we are worthy and we are the majority of sizes that are out there. I’ve been told to lose weight, that I’m unhealthy and to get authentically real. I’ve been dieting since I was in middle school. I’ve had a binge eating disorder, a form of bulimia similar to Bulimia Nervosa, which was unhealthy and a main cause of my being overweight. I’ve seen skinny women told they should eat more which isn’t right either. Some skinny women have never had to workout/or diet because of genetics but this can be even more unhealthy than someone who is overweight and physically active.

My first “Tiger stripes “(stretch marks) appeared when I was 12 on my hips and breasts due to hormonal changes. I can’t remember when my first cellulite dimple appeared. I gained even more with carrying children along with a mommy tummy. I’m proud of my body and it’s the evidence of my story and of my life.

I just ask for equal opportunities for plus size women in the industry. For natural plus bodies to get just as much work as anyone else. The rolls, fluff, fupas, mommy tummy’s, stretch marks, cellulite dimples, veins, freckles, acne, plus any other natural miracle we have with our bodies needs to be celebrated and embraced. Trust me from all the feedback I get from my followers the world wants to see natural. All are worthy to be rocking the runway, in magazines and on commercials. I am and we are the future of modeling.

Bob Marley was once asked if the perfect woman existed. And he replied:
“Who cares about perfection?
Even the moon is not perfect, it is full of craters…
And the sea? it’s too salty and dark in the depths.
The sky? Always so infinite, that is, the most beautiful things are not perfect, they are special.
Stop wanting to be ′′perfect”, try to be free, happy and live doing what you love, not wanting to please others.”

perfect curvy woman
Photo by: Cameron Blake

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