Gosha: The Florist of Joy

Gosha’s Bouquet

Flowers usually stimulate the eye and the nose, but they hardly ever conquer the other senses. They have always been there for every occasion and are associated with a symbolic meaning and contribute in all forms of celebrations. Numerous occasions and festivities are no special case with regards to flower presentations and heartfelt flower bundles. When walking into the Gosha studio, a radiation of positivity takes over your body with the radiant colors of the plants and flowers that give off a feast of emotions.  Gurgen Yeritsyan AKA Gosha, co-founder of Studio Gosha, launched this creative initiative with his friend Natalia Shustova only a few months ago, but in time, their growth has been drastic. 

Gosha’s bouquet arrangements are so unique that luxury brand Gucci had to get them as their floral provider. Soon enough, orders from all over the world started reaching Gosha. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised when he told me that because I was never a big fan of floral arrangements but these are definitely ones I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t much about the sight of the bouquet but the emotions it emits. 

His love for flowers started when his grandma would take him to her flower shop after school to help her around, “At first, it felt like a punishment” he said. That all changed when he started seeing the joy that these bouquets brought to the clients. Even on the saddest occasions, he could see how much an arrangement would move a person and that brought him happiness. 

“ The entire concept of this, is to bring everyone joy andhappiness.” – Gosha

A beautifully constructed bouquet is one of the quickest ways to elevate your space or make someone’s special day even better.

 Gosha’s Bouquet
Photo by: Cezar Aboudehin

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