Here are 10 ways to celebrate safely during a pandemic

Omer Rasool

Omer Rasool is an experienced and certified event planner in the UAE, he talked to VIctor Magazine about the top ten ways people can gather and celebrate without putting themselves at risk during this pandemic period.

1. Have a digital birthday or pre-wedding party.
Celebrate a special friend by gathering loved ones together to celebrate online on Zoom, Facetime,etc. Set a theme for your virtual party and have everyone dressed up or wearing the celebrants favourite colors-the options are endless.

2. Virtual Movie Night
Social is all the rage and Netflix is King! Download the Netflix party extension in chrome and everyone watch the same Netflix movie at the same time.The extension features synchronized video playback plus a chat room so everyone can share their thoughts on the film.

3. Karaoke Night
Setup a karaoke machine in the yard, then have your guests take turns singing their favourite songs.

4.Hire an Entertainer/ Performer
As long as guests maintain social distancing, you can bring in an entertainer like a dancer, singer , or hosts.

5. Multiplayer Phone Games
If everyone at the party has a phone, you can organize multiplayer online games that guests can play against each other on their phones.

6. Outdoor Movie Night
Host a movie night under the stars at your backyard by putting up an outdoor projector and having your guest sit on lawn chairs, bean bags about six feet away from one another. Make it more memorable for them by giving them blankets with their initials engraved on them.

7. Organize a parade
Call up some friends and family if they live close by, and organize a caravan to drive around with signs and music. Loved ones can wave at the celebratory even from a safe distance.

8. Host an outdoor workout class
For all the fitness freaks, enlist a trainer from a local exercise studio and ask them to come up with a 45-minute workout or a dance class. Then invite your friends to a prearranged spot where you’ve already assembled exercise mats at intervals, water bottles and hand towels for each guest.

9. Play Outdoor Games
Many games can be played outdoors such as group quizzes, monopoly, scavenger hunts and more.

10. Art &Craft Workshop
Setup separate workspaces six feet away from each other, with individual art supplies like spray paints, markers, fabric paints and let the guests create their own masterpiece like graffiti on T-shirts, sneakers, caps, and more.

Omer Rasool
Photo by: Omer Rasool

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