Women fitness trainers step up their game in Dubai

Women fitness trainers

The fitness industry has always been a playground for men but in recent years some women have been entering the field with a smoother type of fitness.

Yoga, pilates, aerobics and other forms of exercise take a femenine approach to athletic activities while heavy lifting, bodybuilding and weights are on the opposing side.

Shomookh decided that she will make her own rules when it comes to gender in the world of fitness.

Her journey in fitness started after traveling the world and seeing how people enjoyed training in the morning.

“I would just go for a morning jog in New Zealand and meet people. Everyone was fit and healthy!” she said.

That’s when she realized that the Middle Eastern women needed to incorporate that into their lifestyle.

Rushing back to Dubai to get a Level 3 Fitness Trainer Certificate from the IFBB, Shomookh wanted to turn her hobby into a business.

Shomookh began working on herself. Her petite body transformed to become defined and curvy.

“ The changes in myself encouraged people to trust me,” she said.

Other than trust, Shomookh makes sure her clients are comfortable whether they prefer training at the gym, beach or even at home, she always puts the clients comfort first.

By the same token, she is a coach that doesn’t take no for an answer. In one incident, one of her male clients thought she was going to take it easy on him but he soon realized that wouldn’t be the case.

“Being a female forces me to be 100x times harsher on my clients when working out in public because that is what the reality of the job is,” she added.

Women fitness trainers
Photo by: Cezar Aboudehin

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