Motherly Love


A Jane of All Trades is one way I describe myself. These days mothers have amazing opportunities to really have and do it all. We can have options to further our education and careers all while raising children, preparing meals, scheduling, party planning, driving, teaching, nannying, and cleaning. Mothers are incredible; the ultimate multitasker.

Mothering is also a thankless job. Mothers tend to be invisible also can be taken for granted. At times we may feel burned out. Now this may not be the case for every mother but from my experience I see and hear this the most. It’s not that mothers aren’t grateful and blessed for our families. Being a mother truly is the ultimate gift. On some occasions our children and our partners even if they may not intend to might make us feel invisible but as a part of life, it happens.

Mothering is a huge responsibility we have lives to protect, skills and wisdom to impart. Once you choose to be a mother to a child in any aspect you never stop. You are a mother for life. Unfortunately, for some this isn’t as serious and that is truly sad.

One thing I wish the other mothers I know would have imparted to me is the level of constant worry for your child. No one talks about that as much, it’s beautiful but constantly worrying and protecting. I want my children to be thriving, happy, caring, and to know how much I love them completely everyday.

There is no perfect way to be a mother but there are a million ways to be a good one. I look at my mother and still am in awe of her and how she handles her life plus care for so many others in her life. My mother is truly the most selfless person I know and I hope one day to even be half the woman she is. All I can do is be the best version of myself I can and hopefully my children will learn and grow from my example.

Motherly Love
Photo by: Paige Cody

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