NVR FRGTTN – Not Today, Not Tomorrow

NVR FRGTTN - Not Today, Not Tomorrow

NVR FRGTTN, an inclusive and genderless clothing brand launches a game changing collection. With nine unique pieces inspired by eye catching color blocking combinations, the newly launched clothing brand is taking over the street style market in Abu Dhabi. 

Palestinian Canadian designer and founder of NVR FRGTTN Osama Mootassem said, “NVR FRGTTN has been a project I’ve been working on for over three years. I’ve always had a knack for fashion and design and knew what I liked to wear in order to feel my absolute best. Finding clothes that checked every box was quite a challenge so I thought of creating my own. Through growing up in the UAE, I’ve learned the importance of inclusivity and diversity which is what NVR FRGTTN aims to showcase. I strive to ensure that every individual is represented and can see themselves in my clothes.” 

NVR FRGTTN is made for those who want to be seen and remembered. Inclusivity and diversity are two very important philosophies to our brand. Allowing comfort while outside of the comfort zone, NVR FRGTTN will push you past your fashion boundaries to take chances that you will never regret. We aim to provide the means of artistic expression through the clothes that we create.

The introductory journey around the brand, its background, and inspiration, started with the collection’s ‘remember’ story; a short film co-directed, shot and edited by creative mind, Ariana Rodriguez alongside founder, Osama Mootassem. Following a powerful and thought-provoking film, NVR FRGTTN took its design to the market where its making a name for its small business.

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