Outside of My Water

Outside Of My Water

Growth comes from stepping outside of our comfort zones or traveling “outside of my water” as Manolis (17) recently has shared with me, it’s saying the Greeks use. Manolis is a model and comes from Greece and Romania. When he was little, Manolis told his parents, how awesome it would be to model and they said never say never.  His friends just told him that because he was tall and had an interesting face that he could become a model. Manolis at the time with no self-esteem, was saying no way that it’s possible. One day at a beach with his friends he decided to send some messages to some agencies in Greece. After searching for the best one, which they answered immediately, Legion Management believed in him from day one then Legion Management contacted Ryan Colby to share in turning Manolis’s dreams into reality. 

Most people when asked what a typical model looks like they reflect back to what models looked like in the 80’s and 90’s not knowing how truly diverse but grueling the industry can be. What do people think you do versus what you actually do as a model? “I hear a lot of people saying “wow you just don’t do nothing you just pose and you’re getting paid” but sometimes when you are at work it gets really mentally and physically exhausting…and it takes lots of hours to take the “perfect picture”.”

Just in the beginning of his life really and in the early stages of his career, I asked what do you think your older self would say to you right now in this stage of your life? “I still would tell myself to have more confidence to try new things and have more self-esteem!” Manolis has such a future ahead of him I asked what he thought he would like to be known for in the industry? “Being known for something good it’s the key to success. I would like to be known for being a kind and honest man giving good examples to the young people, pushing them and motivating them through my work, whatever I do modeling, athletic stuff etc.”

Manolis is still in high school most of his time is spent in school, being an athlete/pole vaulter, exercising, training and the little free time he has you might find him at the beach or cooking for his family showing off his skills. I asked him how he trains? “I do specific training to keep my body in shape 24/7, but my favorite workout it’s jumping day as we say with some other exercises such as hurdle hops and body weight exercises. Eating healthy it’s 90%. My favorite healthy meal I think it’s a good pasta dish with some chicken in it.” 

One of his goals is to go to a university, study pharmacology. In terms of sports, a world champion one day. Last but not least modeling it’s something he would love to continue doing. I asked who or what inspires him, “Travis Scott He always does something different and unique with fashion and his music. Seeing my parents doing everything for me and my sister despite the difficulties really keeps me going through the tough days. But right now, my biggest inspiration it’s to wake up every day to be better and ready for the next challenge.”

Wake up every day to be better than you were the day before and that is the best motivation. Manolis is stepping outside his small pond and doing exactly what the Greeks say. Get outside your waters.

Outside Of My Water
Photo by: Christos Ktistakis

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