What Makes South Korean Fashion Unique? Five K-Pop Idols Who Are the Trailblazers of Fashion

The reasons for the growth and popularity of Korean fashion can be found in numerous aspects: it is the inclusivity and diversity of the fashion industry, promoting young talent in the field of fashion design, the Korean Wave, and advanced shopping infrastructure. On the basis of the fast IT infrastructure and Korean Culture Wave (Hallyu) represented by K-Pop. A memorable walk through the streets of South Korea’s capital, Seoul, sparks the country’s fashion sense. Men, women and children wear detail oriented  outfits. Bold and balanced, colourful and tasteful, masculine  with a touch of femininity – often with all the right accessories, hairstyles and makeup to complement. 

Aside from K-Pop and K-Dramas that are slowly dominating the world at large (for a good reason OBVIOUSLY), it is also the fashion that is heavily influencing people and various social media bloggers to make their own statements without having to address it out-loud. From the music, to dramas, to the food and culture, it is the encapsulating and chic styles of Korean Fashion that is now making a mark in the fashion industry. With bold, daring, and artistically eccentric styles with a dash of sophistication and glam, Korean Fashion has now become an extremely significant element amongst fans. Me included. Being an ardent admirer of Korean Pop Music, Dramas and of course, various celebrities who have truly made my jaw drop based on their fashion choices, here are 5 Kpop Idols who are now becoming symbolic fashion icons in the industry. 

  1. Jennie Kim of Blackpink

Aside from her sharp rapping, singing and dancing skills, it is Jennie’s bold and creative choices that have left so many of us absolutely spellbound based on the versatile outfits she wears. The main reason why Jennie is always considered to be a role-model towards fans, further cultivating a loyal audience base thanks to her powerful persona, is because of her stylistic poise. Confident and charming, Jennie has proved on more than one occasion that she can ace any style or concept. Be it the girl-crush concept, flower garden concept, street/edgy styles and even elegant concepts, Jennie certainly deserves her place in the list of top K-pop Idols who are revolutionising the fashion Industry for the better.  


  1. Hongjoong of Ateez 

Not only is he a talented, versatile rapper who sets fire to the world, calling it rain, making every stage his kingdom but it would be a criminal offence if Hongjoong wasn’t mentioned in this list. When I think of Hongjoong, I’d like to think of him as a chameleon who has the innate ability to adapt and nail every and any concept thrown his way. Crediting his fashion sense to his mother, who owns a boutique mostly catered towards children’s fashion, Hongjoong always manages to capture the audience’s attention including some non-kpop fans who simply can’t take their eyes off him, whenever he makes an appearance for award-shows and even various game shows, turning every outfit into a masterpiece. Whether its street-style, boyfriend material or the edgy, mysterious bad-boy concept, Hongjoong needs no introduction as to why he earns his place as the most sought-after idol who is now establishing his niche as a muse for various fashion brands. 

3.Hyunjin & I.N of Stray Kids

During an interview with Buzzfeed, all the members of Stray Kids confirmed that Hyunjin & I.N had the best fashion sense and were the most fashionable amongst the members. There is just something exceptionally magnetic on how these two dress. Both Hyunjin and I.N possess a sharp, captivating style of their own, further making a million heads turn. Even if they showed up wearing a pair of tracks, shirt and some sneakers, they’d still look as breath-taking as ever. Hyunjin is never shy when it comes to showing off his out-of-this world visuals, but that’s not all. He’s also a mastermind at putting together an outfit. He knows exactly how to blend casual wear, like sneakers, with a more refined look. Using accessories such as hats, beanies to match with his outfit choices of ripped jeans and cardigans…. need we say more as to why he is my top pick? 

Similarly, I.N is consistent in proving why he too…is a fashion king, let alone piecing an outfit together. He is often seeing pairing unique items, such as baseball caps, beanies and a colourful cardigan. The powerful blend of athletic wear with a softer, laid-back aesthetic makes for an intriguing look that is ideal for his boyish, good-looking charm. 

4.Lee Taeyong of NCT 127

He can rap. He can sing. He can dance and most of all, he makes every occasion his personal runway regardless of where he is. Other than being well-known for his CGI like visuals and his duality on and off stage, the leader of NCT 127 Taeyong, is definitely on his way in having his personable figure advertised for various, high-end fashion brands. While every member of NCT 127 is unique when it comes to their style, there’s a reason why all our heads turn when Taeyong’s name makes an appearance in the list of “Top Fashionable K-Pop Idols we should be looking out for right now.” Be it the bad-boy concept, the cool boyfriend material concept, mysterious gentleman concept or even the edgy-street style concept, Taeyong has proven countless times that he can pull off any concept or any visual with just his magnetic personality alone. 

5.NingNing of Aespa

When we think of ‘Fashion Icon’ in Aespa, we automatically think of Karina. Even though every member possesses an alluring sense of style, it is NingNing who has always managed to garner the maximum attention. Apart from her astounding vocal abilities, NingNing’s fashion sense is beyond words. From ‘Black Mamba’ to ‘Savage’, there is no need to argue with my logic as to why NingNing is slowly on her way in becoming a fashion icon, even a role-model because of her versatility and exceptional creativity in piecing varieties of outfits together. With powerful blends of different fabrics, she always looks stunning upon the unique designs she embodies.

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