Women like me

Women like me

As I look at the women in my life I often wonder if I truly know them. I say this based on my own experience as a woman who knows how very few people truly know me. My mysteries are locked away deep inside me. I’ve chosen to keep my mysteries hidden. Sadly, women still continue to conceal parts of their true selves. We have so many influences telling us to be a certain way and if we don’t fit into the mold we make others uncomfortable to please others. It’s easy to pretend we don’t hear criticisms from others or act as if it has no effect on our emotions but the slightest opinion could put our true selves back into hiding.

Even the most powerful, intelligent, honest, and brave women have felt societal pressures at some point in their life. Experiencing that pressure is something we all can relate with. Making ourselves vulnerable may be harder to express while trying to portray that picture of a perfect life. On the other hand, braving vulnerability may be easier with more acceptance and authenticity happening in the world today.

We all have opened up to someone and had the experience come back to hurt us but someone in this world needs your message and that’s more important than the haters and judgements. Living our true authentic self is the most rewarding, not pretending to be like everyone else. We love to be liked and it’s quite easy to just follow the crowd but in the end it’s empty and usually after time people can see through the façade.

Now is the time to stop labeling women and subjecting us to judgments. Every being on this planet has the right to their own space and women should be exactly who we all freely choose to become. If women would air this change the world will start becoming a more positive and beautiful place. It’s time to start letting our walls down and truly let people see the real, beautiful and authentic selves we are.

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