Finding a Muse While Grieving


With the new age of technology and the internet comes a plate of opportunity. From telling people where you got your outfit from, to those insta-worthy desserts,  visual reality has been altered to redefine what art is. With these changes, we lose a big part of some traditions that really paved the way to everything we see and do today. One of these traditions is the beautiful art of calligraphy! Likely, Foad Hamze found his calling in it. 

After finishing a degree in advertising from The American University of Dubai and studying Arabic calligraphy with the famous Wissam Shawkat, Foad found himself sitting next to his mother’s hospital bed and sketching away his emotions. Her struggle became so clinical that they had traveled to America for her treatment. 

A year in the States, running in and out of The University of Texas MD Anderson, he found himself with her on this journey. While he was there, his mother’s medical journey made him turn more to his artistic side. Foad always wanted to make his mother’s dreams of putting his work in galleries come true. A short while later, that journey came to an end as the backbone of the skeleton is no longer there and Foad’s life came crashing before him. 

In May of 2020, he found himself where he started. Back in Dubai but without the person he left it with. That devastation took a toll on him and his only outlet was his brush. Foad found himself drawing even more and taking the arts he learned even further. The special presence of the art of “calligraffiti”, which combines calligraphy, and graffiti in three-dimensional paintings rich in bold colors captivates his beautiful artworks. Showcasing his 3D calligraffiti at the  “World Art Dubai ” exhibition early last October launched career. “I was finally able to present my art to people, and I couldn’t wait for how they would react to it” he stated. What was surprising in the show held at the Dubai World Trade Center is the enormous interest of forgein guests in his artwork.

 “You can see my journey in my art, the first piece that started it all was an oath to my mother.” he stated, after the passing of his mother he made his first piece dedicated to her . It’s the only piece that he did and would never sell. It is now hung at his home as a reminder of why he started all of this. The piece reads,” أحب كل مافيكي إلا غيابك” which translates to: I love everything about you but your absences. With that, Foad finds himself showcasing his art in different exhibitions and galleries just as his mother said he would. 


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